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BSNLEU CHQ NEWDELHI, 16th June, 2014 [13.00 Hrs]  


Our Office-bearers

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri



Com. P. Abhimanyu

[General Secretary]


Com. Animesh Chandra Mitra

[Deputy General Secretary]


Com. S.C. Bhattacharya



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Text Box: BSNL List  of Holidays Calendar - 2014

Pioneer of the P&T Trade Union Movement : Coms. Henry Barton, Babu Tarapada Mukherjee, Dada Ghosh, K.G. Bose, N.J. Iyer & K. Adinarayana

           Henry Barton    Babu Tarapada Mukherjee   Dada B.N. Ghosh          Com. K.G. Bose           Com. N.J. Iyer          Com. K. Adinarayana

BSNL Employees Union (CHQ), New Delhi

[Last Updated on 28.07.2014, 18:20 hrs]


Warm greetings from CHQ on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

CHQ of BSNLEU extends warm greetings to all on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, which falls on 29.07.2014. This day emphasises the need for charity and to empathise with the poor. Let us all cherish this ideal.


[28.07.2014]Agenda items to be discussed in the 11th Staff Welfare Board meeting which will be held on 22.08.2014.<<click here>>


[28.07.2014]Welfare Board meeting to take place on 22.08.2014.

BSNLEU has consistently been urging the BSNL Management, to convene the meeting of the BSNL Staff Welfare Board, which met last in the year 2011. BSNLEU also urged the new CMD to hold the meeting expeditiously. As a result of this, the Management has notified to hold the Welfare Board meeting on 22.08.2014, BSNLEU has already submitted it’s agenda items for this meeting.<<view notification>>

[28.07.2014]BSNLEU Hindi Circular No.07.<<click here>>


[28.07.2014]BSNLEU Hindi Circular No.06.<<click here>>



[28.07.2014]Corporate Office letter on representation of SC, ST, OBC, Minorities and the Women on Selection Board/Committee.<<view letter>>


[28.07.2014]Launch a drive to complete the collection of Rs.100/- from each member – Decision of the Central Secretariat meeting.

The Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU, held at New Delhi on 20.07.2014, seriously viewed the slackness on the part of many circle unions, in the matter of implementing the decision of the 7th All India Conference, held at Ludhiana, to collect Rs.100/- from each member, at the time of payment of 78.2% IDA merger. The All India Conference decided to raise this donation to repay the outstanding Bank Loan of Rs.1.40 crore, that was taken to purchase the K.G. Bose Bhawan. Hence, the meeting of the Central Secretariat has called upon the Circle and District unions, to launch a drive and collect Rs.100/- from those members who have not given the donation so far, and remit it to the CHQ at the earliest. The list of donations so far received by CHQ is enclosed.<<click here>>


[28.07.2014]Steps being taken for the revival of BSNL and MTNL.

Reply given by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister for Communications and IT, on 11.07.2014 in the Rajya Sabha.<<click here>>

[28.07.2014]Odisha circle conducted a very successful seminar on the viability of BSNL.<<click here>>

[26.07.2014]CHQ donation received on 26-07-2014, in the Odisha circle conference.

CHQ acknowledges with gratitude, the receipt of the following CHQ donations, handed over to Com . P.Abhimanyu today the 26-07-2014, in the Odisha circle conference. 


Berhampur District Union   -  Rs.5,000/-

Sambalpur District Union    -  Rs.4, 300/-

Bolangir District Union         -  Rs.3, 000/-

Pulbani District Union          -   Rs.2, 000/-


[26.07.2014]The two day conference of BSNLEU, Odisha circle, got kick-started at Bhubaneswar.

The two day conference of BSNLEU, Odisha circle, got kick-started today, at CTTC, Bhubaneswar. The Conference started with the hoisting of the Union Red Flag by Com. P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary. Floral tributes were paid to the martyrs, by the delegates, at the martyr's column. The Conference is being presided over by Com.Sahadev Biswal, circle president. Totally, 114 delegates are participating in this Conference. Com. P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, inaugurated the Conference. In his inaugural address, Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS, gave an outline of the political change that has taken place in the country, as well as the retrograde economic policies being persued by the Narendra Modi government and the response of the working class to those anti-people policies.  He also spoke at length about the initiatives being taken by the JAC, to settle the various long pending problems of the non- executives. Thereafter, Com.P.R.Das, circle secretary, presented the report on activities. Audited Accounts were presented to the house by com. B. Mondal, circle treasurer. This is followed by the Subjects Committee, in which the delegates are deliberating. A seminar will take place tomorrow, on the viability of BSNL.<<<view photos>>>


[26.07.2014]Conduct solidarity demonstrations on the day when Insurance Employees go on strike against increasing FDI limit to 49% in Insurance Sector.

The Narendra Modi government has decided to increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit to 49% in the Insurance Sector. Absolutely there is no justification for this. This is nothing but a step to demolish the Public Sector Companies in the Insurance Sector, and to allow the Multi National Companies to loot the people's money. Public Sector Insurance Companies like LIC and GIC are doing extremely well, and contribute in a big way for the 'Nation Building's. Shri Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister, has stated that the Congress Party had already assured its support to the government in this regard. This is yet another evidence that proves that there is no difference between the Congress Party and the BJP, as far as economic policies are concerned. The government may take up the "Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill" for passing, when the Parliament resumes on 30th June. The All India Insurance Employees Association (AIIEA) has already decided to go on strike, the day on which the Bill is taken up for consideration in the Parliament. It is the duty of the BSNL employees to express solidarity with the insurance employees, when they go on strike, on an issue which is connected with the economic sovereignty of our country. Hence, CHQ calls upon all the Circle and District Unions to organise massive demonstrations, on the day when the Insurance employees go on strike. CHQ calls upon our comrades to take this call very seriously and do the maximum mobilisation to make this programme a success.


[25.07.2014] Meeting with GM (Admn.)

Com P.Abhimanyu, GS, and com.John Verghese, Organising Secretary (CHQ), met shri A.K.Singhal, GM (Admn.) and discussed about the inordinate delay in holding the meetings of the Welfare Board and the Sports & Cultural Board. The GM told that his earlier assurance to hold the meetings in the month of July could not be fulfilled, in view of the Heads of Circles' Conference, which is being held in August. However, he told that the Welfare Board Meeting would be held on 22-08-2014, and that the Sports & Cultural Board Meeting would be held in the month of September. The leaders urged the GM (Admn.) to hold the meetings without any further postponements.

[25.07.2014]CHQ Circular No.07 - Organise “Demands Day” powerfully on 07.08.2014. Organise JAC’s in all Circle and Districts without further delay.<<click here>>

[24.07.2014]CHQ Circular No.06 dated 24.07.2014.<<click here>>


[24.07.2014]BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation (BSNL CCWF) on struggle path - Join enmasse and make the agitational programme of a grand success.

BSNL CCWF has given call for agitational programme, to settle the long pending demands of the Casual and Contract Workers. The CEC meeting of BSNLEU, held at Rajkot in February, 2014, discussed at length, the problems of the Casual Contract Workers and has decided that BSNLEU should ensure that the agitational programme of BSNL CCWF becomes a total success. Despite repeated orders issued by BSNL Corporate Office, the Casual and Contract Workers are being inhumanly exploited at the field level. Hence, all Circle and District Secretaries are requested to ensure the enmasse participation of our members in the following agitational programme:- 


Programme of Action 


(1)  Dharna at SSA level                         –   26th August 2014.

(2)  March to CGM Office                       –   25th September 2014.

(3)  March to CMD BSNL Office            –   15th October 2014.

(4)  If the issues are not settled call will be given for strike the date for which will

      be decided later.  <<<View charter of demands>>>


[24.07.2014]New PLI formula: comrades are requested to send their views quickly. 

BSNL Management is denying PLI to the employees for the past three years, on the plea that the Company is not earning profit. We have been consistently telling that PLI should not be linked with profit. In the meeting held on 27.06.2014, with the JAC, the Management had agreed that PLI will be linked only with the productivity of the Company and not with profit. All along, DoT/BSNL employees were getting PLI based on productivity only. Based on the decision taken on 27.06.2014, Management side has given some proposals, in the Joint PLI Committee meeting held yesterday the 23.07.2014. In that proposals (table), the achievements of BSNL in 2013–14 are given in column 3 as the bench marks. These achievements are taken from the report submitted by BSNL to TRAI. They are also called as KPI (Key Parameter Indicator). The achievements (KPI) include landline / Broadband connections given, disconnections, time within which connections are provided / faults are attended, and many other things. Based on these bench marks (KPI), targets to be achieved in 2014–15 for obtaining Excellent, Very Good and Good Gradings are also given. Now we have to see whether the targets are achievable or should be reduced. Suggestions have come that achievements in FTTH, marketing etc. should also be included in the achievements (KPI). Similar and other suggestions are invited. Comrades can also give any other suggestion, as to how PLI can be evolved.


[23.07.2014]PLI Committee meeting. 

A meeting of the Joint Committee to finalise the new PLI formula was held today the 23.07.2014. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, represented BSNLEU in the meeting. As regards the new PLI formula, it was decided in the meeting held on 27.06.2014, between the JAC and the Management, that it would be based on productivity of the Company and not based on the profitability. Accordingly, Management Side had come with their proposals. We have to study this and give our alternative proposals. Hence, comrades are requested to go through this proposals and convey their views to the CHQ at the earliest.<<view proposals>> 


[23.07.2014]Funds for payment of GPF advance. 

In continuation of the discussion held with the CMD, on 22.07.2014, on non-payment of GPF advance to the employees, discussion was held with the Sr.GM (BFCI) today the 23.07.2014. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS participated. The Sr.GM (BFCI) explained that the delay is only due to the nil cash balance with the Corporate Office. However, she told that efforts are being made to allot funds to the circles by coming Friday. She further told that, even in the worst case, funds for GPF advance would be allotted along the funds for salary.


[23.07.2014]Designations Committee meeting held. 

A meeting of the reconstituted Designations Committee meeting was held today the 23.07.2014. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, attended the meeting on behalf of BSNLEU. In the meeting, Smt. Madhu Arora, Sr.GM (Restructuring) stated that an agreement is already signed in respect of change of designations of RM and TM. She also said that the agreed new designation for RM is Telecom Assistant and TM is Telecom Technician. In respect of the remaining two major cadres, Management Side proposed as follows:- 


           i)       Sr.TOA           -           Telecom Office Associate (TOA) 


           ii)      TTA                 -           Telecom Engineering Associate 


BSNLEU rejected both the proposals and demanded the following new designations. 


            Sr.TOA                    -           Telecom Associate Officer

            TTA                          -           Junior Engineer 


The discussions are inconclusive and further discussions will be held.


[23.07.2014]BSNLEU's agenda items for discussion in the forthcoming 31st National Council meeting.<<click here>>

[23.07.2014]Items submitted by the Staff Side of the National Council, for discussion in the 31st meeting of the National Council.<<click here>>

[23.07.2014]General Secretary, BSNLEU and Secretary General, BSNLCCWF met CMD BSNL on Casual Contract Workers issues.

A delegation of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF met CMD BSNL yesterday the 22.07.2014, on the issue of Casual and Contract Workers long pending demands. They have highlighted the problems related to regularisation, revision of wages, gratuity and social security benefits etc. CMD BSNL has told that he has sympathy for these issues and will look into them, though the Company's financial position does not permit it. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. Tapas Ghosh, SG, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS were in the delegation team.


[22.07.2014]BSNLEU leaders met CMD BSNL and urged timely allotment of funds to circles for payment of GPF advance.

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS, met Shri A.N.Rai, CMD BSNL and explained the hardships being undergone by the employees due to non-payment of GPF advance. The leaders also apprised the CMD that employees are very much agitated over this issue and urged him to ensure timely allotment of funds to circles, by the Corporate Office. The CMD assured to do the needful.

[22.07.2014]MTNL’s profit is at Rs.7825 crore and BSNL’s loss is at Rs.7085 crore.

It is stated by shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Moc in the Parliament, that MTNLs profit for the year 2013-14 was Rs. 7825 crore and BSNL’s loss was Rs.7085 crore.

 MTNL made a loss of Rs.5321 crore in the year 2012-13. However, due to certain steps taken by the government, such as write back of provisions on account of pensionary liabilities and spectrum amortization, MTNL has shown in it’s accounts that it has made a profit of Rs.7825 crore. BSNL’s loss stood at Rs.7884 crore in 2012-13. It is reduced to Rs. 7085 crore in 2013-14

[22.07.2014]Standing Committee meeting held.

The standing Committee of the National Council met today the 22.07.2014. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS, participated from BSNLEU. Most of the items are very old items, discussed in the National Council, before 6th verification. Some important items discussed are as follows.<<view details>>


[21.07.2014]Decisions of the Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU held at New Delhi on 20.07.2014.<<click here>>


[21.07.2014]BSNLEU’s Central Secretariat meeting held at New Delhi.

The Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU was held at New Delhi on 20.07.2014. The meeting which was held in K.G. Bose Bhawan, was presided over by com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President. The meeting started with flag hoisting. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, hoisted the union red flag. Floral tribute were paid at the martyrs column. The meeting stood in silence for a minute and paid it’s respectful homage to the departed leaders. After approval of agenda by the house, presidential address was delivered by com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President. Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, presented the note for discussion. In his speech the General Secretary, highlighted the changed scenario in the country, in the backdrop of which the meeting is taking place. He explained the anti-worker, anti-people measures being followed by the Narendra Modi Government, the efforts being made by the JAC to settle the problems of the Non-Executives etc. 19 office-bearers participated in the discussion that ensued. The meeting after through discussion took important decisions with regards to the demands of the Non-Executives, Revival of BSNL and strengthening of the organisation. <<<view photos>>>


[21.07.2014]Report of the Committee, formed by BSNLEU’s Rajkot CEC meeting, to study the implications of the merger of BSNL & MTNL.<<view report>> 


[21.07.2014]Note for discussion in the Committee for merger of BSNL & MTNL, presented by Com. P. Asokababu, (VP, CHQ), Convener of the Committee.<<view note>>  


[21.07.2014]Corporate Office issues letter to the CGM’s for making necessary entries in the service books / HRMS, about TSM service.

BSNLEU has long been demanding that the TSM service of officials should be entered in the service books/HRMS of the officials who had worked as TSM. But the Management was delaying action in this regard. The issue was discussed in the last National Council meeting. Even thereafter, BSNLEU was pressurising the Management to implement the decision of the National Council meeting. It is a good news that Corporate Office has finally issued letters to all the CGM’s to make necessary entries in the service books/HRMS of the officials who had worked as TSM. This is an important order. Circle and District secretaries have to ensure that appropriate entries are made in the service books/HRMS of all the officials who had worked as TSM, so that 50% of their TSM service counted for the fixation of their pension, at the time of their retirement.<<view letter>>


[21.07.2014]Report of M/s. Deloittee consultant.

M/s. Deloittee consultant, appointed by BSNL Management for the financial revival as well for HR planning, has submitted it’s report. The Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU, held at New Delhi yesterday, the 20.07.2014 has taken a bird’s eye view of the report. No copy of the report has so far been provided to the Unions and Associations. The Central Secretariat has decided that the Management should discuss the report with the Unions before it’s implementation. It is also decided to take up this issue with the Forum. <<view letter>> <<annexure-1>> <<annexure-2>> <<annexure-3>> <<annexure-4>> <<annexure-5>> <<annexure-6>> <<annexure-7>>


[19.07.2014]Meeting of BSNLEU’s Committee on merger of BSNL and MTNL. 

A meeting of BSNLEU’s Committee on merger of BSNL and MTNL took place at New Delhi today. The meeting is attended by all the Committee members viz., com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, com P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, com. P. Asokababu, Vice President, com. Adhir Kumar Sen, Vice President, com. R.L. Moudgil, AGS, com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, com. S.C. Bhattacharya, treasurer, com. S. Chellappa, CS, Tamil Nadu, com. K. Mohan, CS, Kerala, com. N.K. Nalawade, CS, Maharashtra and com. M.C. Balakrishna, Organising Secretary (CHQ). 


Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, presided over the meeting, which was held at K.G. Bose Bhawan.Com. P. Abhimayu, GS, welcomed the Committee members and made a brief introduction of the subject, in the back ground of the changed political scenario. Com. P. Asokababu, Vice-President (CHQ) and convener of the Committee presented the note for discussion. 


The Committee members deliberated on the pros and cons of the issue of merger of BSNL and MTNL. Finally, the Committee came to the unanimous conclusion that the government should not go ahead with the merger of BSNL and MTNL, without settling the issues related to disinvestment and financial liability of MTNL, HR issues, etc. 


Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS finally summed up the discussion and thanked all the committee members for sparing their valuable time and coming to participate in the meeting.<<view photo>>


[19.07.2014]Forum circular on the meeting held on 18.07.2014.<<click here>>


[18.07.2014]JAC writes to the CMD BSNL on the recalcitrant attitude of the GM (SR), as well as demanding corrections to the distorted minutes of the talks held between the JAC and the Management on 27.06.2014.<<view letter>>


[18.07.2014]Corporate Office letter on recruitment of Junior Hindi Translators through LICE to be held on 9th November, 2014.<<click here>>


[18.07.2014]JAC decides to observe “Demands Day” on 07.08.2014.

A meeting of the JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives was held yesterday the 17.07.2014. A review of the discussions, held between the JAC and the Management, in the meeting held on 27.06.2014, was made. The meeting expressed it’s utter dissatisfaction, since no progress has taken place in the settlement of the demands. Hence it is decided to observe a “Demands Day” on 07.08.2014, to urge the Management to settle the demands without further delay. Badge wearing and Lunch Hour Demonstrations will take place on that Day. The next meeting of the JAC will take place on 11.08.2014, to decide the further course of action. 


[18.07.2014]JAC circular no.2 dated 18.07.2014, on the decisions of the JAC meeting held on 17.07.2014.<<<view circular>>>


[18.07.2014]CHQ writes to ED (Finance), demanding to allot sufficient funds to the circles, for the timely payment of GPF advance.<<view letter>>


[17.07.2014]Forum meeting to be held tomorrow the 18.07.2014.

A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations will be held tomorrow the 18.07.2014, at 1600 hrs. in the Local Council room of NTR circle. The meeting will discuss about the issues connected the viability of BSNL.


[17.07.2014]An impressive meeting held at CGM office, Bangalore, addressed by the General Secretary.

The CGM Office District Union, Bangalore, organized an impressive meeting in the premises of CGM office, yesterday the 16.07.2014, which was addressed by Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS. More than 300 comrades, including a large number of women employees, attended the meeting, which was presided over by com. Vasanth Kumar, District President, CGM Office and com. Melu Giri, District President, Bangalore Telecom District. Com. C.K. Gundanna, Circle Secretary, Karnataka welcomed every one. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, spoke in detail on the status of various demands of the employees. He explained the issues related to the viability of BSNL and also the role of the employees on that count. The GS gave an account of the anti-people and anti public sector measures being taken by the Modi government and emphasized the need for united struggles of the working class, against those measures.<<<view photos>>>

[16.07.2014]Corporate Office letter on timely and expeditious disposal of pension cases of the pensioners.<<click here>>

[15.07.2014]Meeting of the JAC to be held on 17-07-2014.
A meeting of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives will be held at 1600 hrs on 17-07-2014, in the BSNL MS office at New Delhi. This is as per the decision of the last JAC meeting, held on 26-06-2014. The meeting will review the outcome of the talks held between the JAC and the Director (HR) on 27-06-2014, and will also decide about the future course of action.

[15.07.2014]Corporate Office letter on periodical fund authorisation to circles - instructions thereon.<<click here>>


[15.07.2014]Minutes of the 19th meeting of Standing Committee of National Council held on 26th June, 2014.<<click here>>


[15.07.2014]Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, addressed a well attended meeting at Bellary.

Utilising the visit of com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, to Bellary, the District Union of Bellary organised a special meeting on 14-07-2014, at GM office premises. The meeting was presided over by com.Noor Mohammed, District President. A large number of comrades, including a good number of women employees of Bellary district attended the meeting. Com.Tippesamy, District Secretary welcomed all. Com.C.K.Gundanna, Circle Secretary and com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, addressed the meeting. In his speech, com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, explained about the retrograde economic measures being implemented by the Modi government. He also spoke at length about the measures to be taken to revive BSNL and also about the latest position of various demands of the Non-Executives. <<<view photos>>>


[14.07.2014]Record of discussions of the meeting held on 27.06.2014, under the chairmanship of Director (HR) with the representatives of Joint Action Committee of Unions/Associations.<<click here>>


[14.07.2014]Shri Rakesh Garg will be the new Secretary, DoT.

Shri Rakesh Garg, an IAS officer of the 1980 batch will be the next Secretary of the DoT. At present shri Rakesh Garg is the Principal Secretary of Uttar Pradesh. The post of the Secretary DoT became vacant after the retirement of shri Farooqui on 30th June. BSNLEU heartily welcomes the new Secretary DoT.


[14.07.2014]Revised Allocation of Drop wire and Jumper wire, to various circles by the Corporate Office, for the year 2014-15.

Corporate Office has issued letter, regarding reallocation of Drop wire and Jumper wire, to various circles, and also the telecom factory from where these items are to be procured. Many circles have been reporting short supply of these items. Hence, they may immediately take up with their circle administrations, the issue of immediate procurement of these items from the telecom factory allocated to them.<<view order>>

[14.07.2014]Corporate Office letter to all CGM's on publicity of increased free calls on BSNL Network from Landline connection for acquiring new Landline customers.<<view letter>>


[14.07.2014]"Disciplinary Proceedings against an employee cannot be continued after his retirement" - says Supreme Court.

Disciplinary Proceedings against an employee cannot be continued after his retirement, in the absence of specific clause in the employment rules, providing for such enquiry, the Supreme Court has said. In a recent order, a Supreme Court Bench, consisting of Justices T.S Thakur and C.Nagappan had said that once an employee retires from service there was no authority vested in the employer to continue the disciplinary Proceedings even for the purpose of imposing any deduction in the benefits payable after retirement to the delinquent employee.


[12.07.2014]Government to invest Rs 39,458 crore in BSNL, MTNL in next five years.

State-run carriers Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) will get a massive fresh investment of Rs 39,458 crore over the next five years, as the government plans to bring the loss making units back on their feet. 


"The financially-stressed public sector telecom companies that together have a debt of Rs 21,208 crore as of June end, face declining revenue due to loss of market share, increasing expenditure and inability to invest in network expansion, telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament.”


[Source: The Economic Times, dated 12.07.2014]


[12.07.2014]10 lakh workers went on strike in the UK, against the retrograde and anti worker steps of the government.

Over 10 lakh public sector workers went on strike in the United Kingdom, on 10.07.2014. The strike was against privatisation of Public Services, imposition of pay caps, cuts in pension and jobs, changes in age of retirement, etc. It is to be noted that the government froze the wages of the Public Sector employees in 2010. Further, in 2012, it introduced an annual 1% cap on wage rise. This year also, wage rise was not permitted more than 1%. These measures are nothing but, transferring the burden of the economic crisis to the shoulders of the working people. The working class of the UK has given a fitting reply to the rulers, by going on the massive strike. Those participated in the strike included civil servants, transport workers, teachers, firefighters, council workers, etc. Massive rallies, demonstrations and picketings have also taken place throughout the UK, in support of the strike.


[12.07.2014]Germany expels US official for involvement in spying.

The US is spying all the countries, their governments and their leaders. India is not exempted. However, the Indian government has no courage to condemn or to take action against the US. At the same time, Germany is a friendly country to the US. But, despite being a friendly country, the Chancellor of Germany, Angella Merkel had severely condemned the US, for it's spying activities. Now, Germany has also taken the tough measure of expelling an official of the US embassy, from Germany, for his involvement in spying activities. The German government has ordered the US intelligence station chief in Berlin, to leave the country. Will the Indian government learn some lesson from Germany?


[11.07.2014]Corporate Office issues order on rate of Transport Allowance to Blind or Orthopedically handicapped employees.<<click here>>


[11.07.2014]CHQ thankfully acknowledges the receipt of special donations, from the following comrades, as well as Circle and District Unions.<<click here>>


[11.07.2014]General Secretary attending the General Council meeting of CITU, as a fraternal delegate.

The four day General Council meeting of CITU started today the 11.07.2014, at Bellary, in Karnataka. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, is invited as a fraternal delegate to participate in the meeting. He is attending the meeting. He, along with com.C.K.Gundanna, circle secretary, Karnataka, will also address a meeting of the BSNLEU at Bellary.


[10.07.2014]Special Casual Leave letter issued by the SR Branch of Corporate Office.

Special Casual Leave, for holding the Central Secretariat meeting on 20.07.2014, was earlier denied by the SR Branch of the Corporate Office. We represented the case to the CMD BSNL, who assured to intervene. Meanwhile, we discussed the matter with the SR Branch also. Now, letter is issued for granting the Special CL. We thank the SR Branch for taking the corrective step.<<view letter>> 


[10.07.2014]CGM Kerala forms committee after committee to reduce the penalty imposed on a private company.

BSNL is going in loss and every one has to make sincere and serious effort to increase the revenue. Under this circumstance, we are shocked to know what is going on in Kerala circle. On 19.07.2011, the then CGM, Kerala, imposed a penalty of Rs.30 crore on M/s Nortel, for failure in completing Phase IV expansion. However, the present CGM sheds crocodile tears that such a harsh penalty is imposed on a private company. So, he formed a committee on 22.01.2014 to review (reduce???) the penalty. However, the review committee also said that the penalty is justified. But, the present CGM cannot sleep since a harsh punishment is imposed on a private company. Hence, on 15.05.2014, the CGM has formed another committee to review the penalty imposed on M/s Nortel. We want to know what is the interest of the CGM, in forming committee after committee to reduce the quantum of penalty imposed on a private company? 


[10.07.2014]CHQ writes to the Corporate Office to issue instruction, for entering details of TSM service in the HR package. <<view letter>> 


[10.07.2014]CHQ writes to the West Godavari district administration, on it’s making arbitrary change in the local council nominations, made by the General Secretary, BSNLEU. <<view letter>> 


[10.07.2014]CHQ writes to Corporate Office, urging to release the results of JTO LICE, of the candidates of Gujarat Circle.<<view letter>>


[10.07.2014]CHQ writes to Corporate Office, regarding denial of medical reimbursement in Punjab Circle. <<view letter>>


[09.07.2014]Meeting with Member (Services), Telecom Commission, regarding pension revision, based on 78.2% IDA merger.

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and Com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, met Shri S.C. Misra, Member (Services), Telecom Commission, today the 09.07.2014,  and urged him to expedite the issue of pension revision, based on 78.2% IDA merger. The Member (Services) explained that the work of sending the file to the Department of Expenditure again is going on seriously, and is likely to be signed by the Secretary, DoT, within a day or two, and thereafter it would be sent to the DoE. 


[09.07.2014]Based on talks held with JAC, Corporate Office directs all CGMs to send compliance certificate, regarding implementation of minimum wage, EPF and ESI for contract workers.

The JAC of Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives, in it’s talks with the Director (HR), held on 27.06.2014, severely complained that the Corporate Office orders on Minimum Wage, EPF, ESI etc. are not being implemented in most of the circles. Director (HR) finally told that a report will be called for from all the CGMs regarding the implementation of Corporate Office orders on this issue, and based on the report, further action would be taken. According to the assurance given by the Director (HR), to the JAC, Corporate Office has issued letter yesterday the 08.07.2014, directing all the CGMs to send compliance certificates.<<<view letter>>


[09.07.2014]Corporate Office issues order on revised IDA rates w.e.f. 01.07.2014.<<view letter>>



[09.07.2014]Corporate Office sends reminder on rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01.10.2000.<<view letter>>


[09.07.2014]CHQ writes to Corporate Office, on implementation of Social Security Measures (EPF/ESI) to the casual labour working in BSNL.<<view letter>>


[09.07.2014]35 PSUs are headless. 

35 PSUs in the country are headless at present, with their top posts like CMD, MD, Chairman, etc. lying vacant. This includes BSNL and MTNL, where the CMD posts are not filled. They are being looked after by some other officers, on the basis of “additional charge”. In BSNL, apart from, the post of CMD, the crucial posts of Director (HR) and Director (Finance) are also lying vacant. It is really a pathetic situation that the government is not bothered about this. Undoubtedly, this is a part of the government’s game plan to weaken the PSUs and to finally to finish them off. 


[09.07.2014]Telecom subscriber base stood at 938.4 million in May 2014: TRAI.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the overall Indian telecom subscriber base increased by 0.27 per cent, from 935.87 million as of end-April 2014 to 938.4 million as of end-May 2014. The wireless subscriber base increased by 0.30 per cent to 910.16 million, while the wireline user base witnessed a decline of 0.62 per cent to 28.18 million during the same period.


[08.07.2014]Corporate Office letter on modification in policy for grant of concessional telephone facility to retired / retiring employees of BSNL.<<view letter>>


[08.07.2014]DPE issued order on IDA w.e.f. 01.07.2014.<<view order>>


[08.07.2014]CHQ writes to the CMD BSNL, on Provision of Rs.200/- pre-paid SIM to all the Non-Executives.<<view letter>>


[08.07.2014]CMD's DO letter on improving performance and efficiency through effective implementation of Performance Management System.<<click here>>


[07.07.2014]BSNLEU writes to Corporate Office, demanding for Staff Side representation in the Committee formed to look into Reduction in Qualifying Standards for SC/ST employees.<<view letter>>


[07.07.2014]The issue of Reduction of Qualifying Marks for SC&ST employees referred to a committee. 

BSNLEU has been demanding almost for the past 2 years, the implementation of DoP&T orders on Reduction of Qualifying Standards for SC&ST employees. After dilly-dallying all these days, the Corporate Office has now formed a committee to look into the issue. The issue has seriously been discussed with the Director (HR), by the JAC, in the meeting held on 27.6.2014. The letter dated 20.06.2014 on the subject is received by the CHQ only on 05.07.2014. CHQ will persue the issue with all seriousness.<<view letter>>


[07.07.2014]Notification for the meeting of Joint Committee to suggest Change in designation of major Non-Executive Cadres.<<click here>>

[07.07.2014]Notification for the meeting of the Committee to involve scheme of Bonus/Productivity Linked Incentive based on PMS.<<click here>>

[07.07.2014]Ludhiana BSNLEU organised a massive felicitation function in honour of Com. Balwinder Singh DS Ludhiana on 02.07.2014.<<click here>>

[07.07.2014]Maharashtra Circle Executive Committee meeting being held at Dhule.<<click here>>

[05.07.2014]Meeting with the CMD BSNL.<<click here>>


[05.07.2014]Recruitment Branch of Corporate Office has issued letter on 16.06.2014, to the CGM’s to take corrective / remedial action in the case of JTO LICE question papers with discrepancies.

Recruitment Branch of Corporate Office has issued letter on 16.06.2014, to all the CGM’s to take corrective / remedial action in the case of JTO LICE question papers with discrepancies. However, a copy of the letter is endorsed to our Union, by speed post, only on 04.07.2014.

<<Endorsement letter to the union>>  <<letter to the CGMs>>


[05.07.2014]SR Branch of the Corporate Office denies special casual leave for the Central Secretariat meeting to be held at New Delhi on 20.07.2014.

CHQ has issued notification to hold a meeting of the Central Secretariat at New Delhi on 20.07.2014. Central Secretariat is a constitutional body of BSNLEU, duly approved by the Registrar of Trade Unions. Further, the same SR Branch had issued letter for the grant of special casual leave, for the Central Secretariat meeting, held on 26.08.2013. Hence, it is ridiculous that the SR Branch has decided to deny special casual leave for the participants of the meeting to be held on 20.07.2014. This denial, only reveals the anti-BSNLEU attitude of the GM (SR). BSNLEU will appropriately handle this problem.<<view letter>> 

[05.07.2014]BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL, seeking his intervention in getting special C/L granted for the meting of Central Secretariat. <<view letter>>

[04.07.2014]Corporate Office issued order on provision of Pre-Paid GSM SIM Card to all Non-Executive employees working in BSNL.<<<view order>>> 

[04.07.2014]CHQ writes to the CMD BSNL, urging to hold the Sports and Welfare Board meetings.<<<view letter>>> 

[04.07.2014]CHQ writes to the CMD BSNL on the non-implementation of the decision of the National Council regarding discrepancies in the JTO LICE question papers.<<<view letter>>>

[04.07.2014]CHQ writes to the Corporate Office to stop the recovery of the so called overpayment, in respect of Non-Executives who got promotion prior to 01.10.2000, but who opted for pay fixation on DNI which fell after 01.10.2000.<<<view letter>>> 

[04.07.2014]CHQ writes to the CMD BSNL regarding swindling of Rs.2.5 crore, by M/s. HFCL, in collaboration with the Management in Rajasthan.<<<view letter>>>

[04.07.2014]CMD BSNL writes to CGMs regarding pending pre-2007 pension revision cases.

 DoT has informed BSNL that still a large number of pre-2007 pension revision cases are pending in the circles of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, UP (West) and Maharashtra. In turn, the CMD BSNL has written DO letter to the concerned CGMs. The concerned Circle Secretaries are requested to take the issue with their CGMs and arrange to send the necessary report to the Corporate Office without further delay.<<view letter>>  


[04.07.2014]Com. K.C. Jena, Circle Vice-President, Odisha, passed away.              

Com. K.C. Jena, Circle Vice-President and Secretary, Staff Side, Local Council, Baripada, passed away at Apollo hospital, Bhubaneswar, at 1600 hrs yesterday the 03.07.2014. He suffered a heart attack. Com. K.C. Jena was a senior leader of BSNLEU in Odisha circle. CHQ pays respectful homage to the departed leader and offers heartfelt condolences to the members of his family, friends, as well as all the comrades of Odisha circle.


[03.07.2014]General Secretary addressed an impressive meeting at Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

The Salem District Union of BSNLEU conducted an impressive meeting at Salem on 02.07.2014. A large number of comrades attended the meeting, which was presided over by com. S. Tamil Mani, District President, as well as ACS. Com. E. Gopal, District Secretary, delivered the welcome address. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. S. Chellappa, CS, and Com. M. Narayanasamy, ACS addressed the meeting. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, spoke at length about the anti-people and anti-labour measures being taken one by one, by the Narendra Modi govt., the status of various demands of the Non-Executives and the tasks to be under taken for the revival of BSNL.<<view photos>>


[03.07.2014]DoT issues show-cause notice to Idea Cellular for alleged violation of CMTS licence norms.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a show-cause notice to Idea Cellular for alleged violation of Cellular Mobile Telephone Services (CMTS) licence norms in the Delhi circle. Earlier in 2007, the operator had allegedly issued 3,640 mobile phone connections to Limco Sales Corporation (LSC), which in turn rented them out to individuals. Under the CMTS licence, renting of SIM cards is not permitted. Further, Idea Cellular had transferred various important rights to LSC without conducting regular checks to ensure its enforcement. The checks were necessary to comply with licence conditions for ensuring national security and no loss to the government revenue. DoT has now asked Idea Cellular to reply why action should not be initiated against it for violation of licence terms and conditions. 


[03.07.2014]ITI bags two purchase orders for Rs.2984 crore from BSNL.

Public Sector Company ITI has bagged two purchase orders from BSNL, for Rs.2984 crore. These orders are part of Network for Spectrum (NFS), project for setting up of optical fibre network.

[03.07.2014]CHQ writes to the Director (CM) on shortage of 2G and 3G SIM cards in Kerala circle.<<<view letter>>>

[03.07.2014]BSNL is the Only Mobile Operator having Presence up to Amarnath Holy Cave with a Valuable Free Talktime... 

On the commencement of Holy Amarnath Yatra 2014, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the pioneer telecom company, PSU has provided mobile connectivity enroute Holy Cave both from Pahalgam as well as from Baltal Route. With the commissioning of the state of art technology Mobile BTS’s, the pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra 2014, can remain in touch with their families during the entire Amarnath Yatra. Needless to mention that BSNL is the only mobile operator, which is providing the mobile connectivity for the Amarnath Yarties. By this, Indian mobile subscribers may understand that, the private telecom operators offer their telecom services only in cities and urban areas not in remote & special areas for the general public of India where revenue potential is low. 

[Source: BSNL Teleservices, dated 03.07.2014]


[02.07.2014]BSNL Kerala boosts earnings 

Earnings of the Kerala Circle of BSNL during 2013-14 financial year are Rs.2819.60 crore, higher by Rs.200 crore than what the circle earned in the previous year. The profit for the year had risen to Rs.411.20 crore, an increase of Rs.124.62 crore over that of the previous year. CHQ congratulate the Kerala comrades for their excellent achievement.

[02.07.2014]BSNLEU, Chennai circle conducted a very successful convention on Neo-Liberal Policies, Communal Harmony and the 10 point charter of demands of the Central Trade Unions.<<click here>> 

[01.07.2014]Option to the Non-Executives for pay fixation on promotion, on the date of next increment, which fell after 01-10-2000 - Corporate Office issued letter to stop recovery.

BSNLEU has long been demanding, that the Non-Executives, as in the case of Executives, should also be given option for fixation of pay on promotion, on the date of the next increment, which fell after 01.10.2000. BSNL has referred the case to the DoT, and a favourable decision is likely to come. Hence, BSNLEU has been demanding that the recovery going on in this regard, should be stopped.  This issue was discussed in the 30th meeting of the National Council held on 23.04.2014, wherein it was assured that letter would be issued for stoppage of recovery. This issue was again discussed in the talks held between the JAC and the Management on 27.06.2014. We are glad that finally, Corporate Office has issued the letter for stopping recovery.<<<view letter>>>


[01.07.2014]Next meeting of the JAC to take place on 17-07-2014.

The next meeting of the JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives will take place on 17.07.2014. The meeting will review the talks held with the Management on 27.06.2014, implementation of the assurances given by the Management on certain important issues, as well as the future action plan.


[01.07.2014]Shri A.N. Rai, Director (EB & HR) will hold additional charge of CMD BSNL w.e.f. 1st July, 2014, since Shri R.K. Upadhyay has retired on 30.06.2014.<<click here>> 


[30.06.2014]CBI arrested the BSNL General Manager at Karnal, Haryana.

The CBI has arrested the General Manager of BSNL Karnal, in Haryana circle, for demanding and taking a bribe of Rs.2 lakh. The amount is taken by the GM, from a JTO, for favouring him in the departmental enquiry. The CBI laid a trap, and arrested the GM red handed, when he was receiving the bribe money. The CBI has also raided the residences of the GM at Karnal and at Delhi.


[30.06.2014]IDA to be increased by 2.9% from 1st July, 2014, which raised from 88.4% to 91.3%.


[30.06.2014]CAG suggested DoT to cancel broadband spectrum allocated to Reliance Jio. 

In its draft report, the CAG has suggested to DoT to cancel nationwide broadband spectrum allocated to Infotel Broadband Services, now a Reliance Industries company, for allegedly rigging the auction and violating rules.

The draft report sent to the department of telecom (DoT) for comments, said, "the DoT failed to recognize the tell-tale sign of rigging of the auction right from beginning of the auction" in which a small ISP, Infotel Broadband Services Pvt Ltd (IBSPL) emerged winner of pan-India broadband spectrum by paying 5,000 times of its net worth. 

RIL, which acquired IBSPL within hours of it winning the spectrum and later renamed it Reliance Jio. Government auditor asks why ‘front firm’ picking air waves was not red-flagged; how RJio was allowed to offer voice telephony. The auditor said that going by the value telcos paid for spectrum between 2012 and 2014, RJio appeared to have been accorded undue advantage of Rs.22,842 crore. The main issue is a policy that permitted Internet service providers (ISP) with broadband spectrum to start offering voice telephony services by paying an additional Rs.1,658 crore.  According to the CAG, the policy may have resulted in a loss to the exchequer.

[Courtesy: Business Line]

[28.06.2014]A gist of discussions, held between the JAC and the Director (HR), on 27.06.2014.<<click here>> 


[27.06.2014]JAC held talks with the Director (HR), on the 30 point charter of demands.

The JAC held talks with the Director (HR) today the 27-06-2014, on the 30 point charter of demands. The JAC leaders who participated in the talks included com.P.Abhimanyu, Convener,JAC, com.Chandeswar Singh, President, JAC, com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU, com.Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE, com.Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, com.R.K.Kohli, GS, NFTBE, com.Sunil Gautam(SNATTA). Management side was also represented by shri.R.K.Goyal, GM (Estt.), shri Neeraj Verma, GM (SR), shri A.K.Singhal, GM (Admn.), smt.Smita Choudhary, GM (EF), smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Restg.), shri S.S.Agarwal, GM(Pers) and shri Satish Wadhwa, DGM (SR). Elaborate discussion took place on all the 30 demands contained in the charter of demands. It was agreed that discussion on certain issues will continue further. A gist of the discussion will be uploaded on the website shortly.


[26.06.2014]Meeting of JAC held.

A meeting of the JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives was held today, the 26.06.2014. Com. Chandeswar Singh, President, JAC, presided over the meeting. Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convenor, JAC, welcomed the participants and reported on the developments that had taken place, since the presentation of the charter of demands on 09.04.2014. The meeting unanimously decided to participate in the meeting to be held with the Director (HR), tomorrow, on the 30 point charter of demands. It was also decided that the next meeting of the JAC will be held on 17.07.2014. 


[26.06.2014]Form JACs at all circle and district levels.

The JAC meeting held at New Delhi today the, 26.06.2014, decided that JACs should be formed at all circle and district levels. The circle and district secretaries of BSNLEU are requested to interact with all other constituents of the JAC and form the circle and district level JACs at the earliest.  


[26.06.2014]Meeting of the Standing Committee held.

A meeting of the re-constituted Standing Committee was held today, the 26.06.2014. The items which were already discussed in the 29th and 30th National Council meetings were reviewed. It was agreed in the meeting, that the items discussed in the Standing Committee, prior to the 6th Membership Verification will be discussed in the Standing Committee meeting to be held on 22.07.2014. A brief note on the discussions held to today will be uploaded on CHQ website tomorrow.


[26.06.2014]BSNL Management invites JAC for talks.

As already reported, the BSNL Management had been taking a strong position that they would not hold any discussion with the JAC on the 30 point charter of demands. The leaders of BSNLEU and NFTE met shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR), and held discussions today the 26.06.2014. The leaders urged the Director (HR) to invite the JAC for talks. Convinced by the arguments of the leaders, the Director (HR) agreed to invite the JAC for talks. A letter has been issued in this regard, addressed to com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Convenor, JAC, and com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE & President, JAC.<<<view letter>>


[26.06.2014]Forum of BSNL Associations and Unions meeting held on 25.06.2014. 

A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Associations and Unions held on 25th June, 2014 took the following decisions:

(1) The Forum will approach the Hon’ble Minister for Communications & IT for holding meeting on revival of BSNL at the earliest.

(2) Since, the DoT has not replied the queries of Deptt. Of Expenditures on revision of pension on the basis of 78.2% of IDA for BSNL Pensioners’ till date, the Forum will approach the Secretary, DoT, immediately and urge him to send reply to the DOE queries.

[26.06.2014]Government shows green signal to BSNL's Rs 3,567 crore project in naxal hit areas.<<click here>> 

[26.06.2014]Companies with 10 employees to come under EPFO; 50 lakh to gain.<<click here>>

[25.06.2014]BSNL Management rejects BSNLEU’s demand, to invite the JAC, for discussion to be held on 27.06.2014, with the Director (HR), on the 30 point charter of demands submitted by the JAC.<<click here>>

[25.06.2014]Major assault on the Public Sector.

The Modi government is moving fast to kill the Public Sector. His government has already initiated steps to sell 5% shares in SAIL, 10% shares in Coal India, 10% shares in RINL, 11.6% shares in NHPC. The government has also started the process of selling it’s 29.54% residual shares in Hindustan Zinc and it’s 49% shares in BALCO. From the disinvestment of the 5 PSUs alone, viz., SAIL Hindustan Zinc, RINL, Coal India and NHPC, the government aims to mobilize Rs.69,000 crore. This excludes the amount that the government will get from the sale of 49% shares of BALCO. Undoubtedly, this is a major assault on the Public Sector of the country.

[source: The Economic Times dated 23-06-2014]

[25.06.2014]Celebration of Ambedkar Jayanthi by BSNLEU Karnataka Circle.<<click here>>

[24.06.2014]CHQ writes a strong letter to the GM (SR), over non-implementation of the decision of the National Council, regarding discrepancies in the question papers of JTO LICE, held on 02.06.2013.<<view letter>> 


[24.06.2014]“A strong state backed player, not good for Telecom Sector” – says private lobby.

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble MoC had stated that revival of BSNL and MTNL was his priority and that the govt. would provide infrastructure support to both the PSUs. The private telecom operators, who are continuously enjoying the support of the govt., have started raising a hue and cry over the Minister’s statement. As reported by the Hindu dated 22.06.2014, Credit Suisse, a research firm, has stated that “a strong state backed competitor is not a good news for the Industry.” What Credit Suisse has said is nothing but the voice of the Private lobby. Let us wait and see what happens.

[24.06.2014]CHQ writes to Director (HR), demanding settlement of the pensionary benefits to the 8 Adhoc RMs of Bihar Circle, who had expired.<<view letter>>> 

[24.06.2014]CHQ writes to the Corporate Office seeking to clarify the eligibility for promotion under (NEPP), for the Sr.TOAs of Uttarakhand Circle.<<view letter>>>

[23.06.2014]Meeting with the GM (Estt.) at Corporate Office.

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, met Shri R.K. Goyal, (GM (Estt.), today, the 23.06.2014, and discussed the following pending issues.<<click here>>


[23.06.2014]Meeting with the GM (Admn.).

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, met Shri A.K. Singhal, GM (Admn.), today the 23.06.2014, and discussed the following issues:- 


(i)       Rs.200/- SIM to all the left out Non-Executives.

The issue is already approved by the Management Committee. Union representatives urged early releasing of the order. 


(ii)      Sports & Cultural Board meeting.

This will be held in the 2nd week of July. 


(iii)     Welfare Board meeting.

Steps are being taken to hold the meeting early.


[23.06.2014]CHQ writes to the Director (HR), on relaxing the 10th std. qualification condition for candidates to appear Telecom Mechanic LDCE.<<view letter>>>


[23.06.2014]CHQ writes to the GM (Restg.), regarding unwanted insertion done in the agreement signed on 31.01.2013, regarding change of designations.<<click here>>


[23.06.2014]BSNLEU not to participate in the talks to be held on 27.06.2014, on the 30 point charter of demands.

The Joint Action Committee of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives submitted a 30 point charter of demands on 09.04.2014. Most of the demands contained in the charter, are burning and long pending demands of the Non-Executives. Surprisingly, the Management has taken the decision not to hold any talks with the JAC. Instead, it has called only BSNLEU and NFTE for the talks to be held on 27.06.2014. The All India Centre of BSNLEU met on 20.06.2014 and discussed the issue. It is decided in the meeting that BSNLEU should not participate in the talks, if the JAC is not invited. BSNLEU has given a letter to this effect to the Management. It is understood that NFTE has also taken a similar decision.<<view letter>>> 


[23.06.2014]Standing Committee meeting to be held at 1100 hrs on 26.06.2014.

The newly reconstituted Standing Committee of the National Council will meet at 1100 hrs on 26.06.2014. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, are the representatives of BSNLEU in the Committee. The Management Side will consist of GM (SR), GM (Estt.), GM (EF) and DGM (SR). The Committee will review the actions taken to implement the decisions taken in the National Council. 


[23.06.2014]JAC meeting to be held at 1600 hrs on 26.06.2014.

A meeting of the JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives will be held at 1600 hrs on 26.06.2014. The venue of the meeting is BSNL MS office. The meeting will review the developments that have taken place after the submission of the 30 point charter of demands to the Management, as well as the future course of action to be taken thereon.


[21.06.2014]Shri Anupam Shrivastava’s name not cleared by the ACC, for the post of CMD BSNL.

BSNL will not be having a regular CMD, after 30th June. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has refused to clear, Director (CM), Shri Anupam Shrivastava’s appointment, as the next CMD of BSNL. Shri Anupam’s name has been recommended by the Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) and was cleared by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). However, after the change of government at the Centre, the ACC wants the DoT to resubmit the file, after incorporating the views of the new Minister, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad. As a result of this, BSNL will not be having a regular CMD after 30th June, when the present CMD retires. BSNLEU has already written to the Hon’ble Minister to take urgent steps to fill up the posts of CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and Director (Finance).


[21.06.2014]Narendra Modi has started giving the bitter pills.

The Modi government has steeply hiked the railway passenger fare and the freight tariffs. The passenger fare is hiked by 14.2%. The freight charges are increased by 6.5%. Both these increases are the steepest ever made. The common man will be badly hit by these increases. More importantly, the steep increase in freight tariffs are going to push up the prices of all the commodities. In 2013, the UPA government increased the fares by 5 – 10 per cent after 10 long years. Before that, the fares were reduced when Lalu Prasad Yadav was the Railway Minister in UPA-I govt. Fares were once again reduced when Mamata Bannerjee was the Railway Minister in UPA-II govt. The BJP, which came to power by attacking the Congress party for inflation and price rise, has delivered a blow to the ordinary people, by increasing the passenger fare and freight charges. BSNLEU strongly condemns these hikes and demands to withdraw them.


[20.06.2014]Holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2015.<<click here>>


[20.06.2014]Department of Public Enterprises - Clarifications regarding introduction of Pension Scheme and Post Superannuation Medical Benefits in CPSEs.<<click here>>


[20.06.2014]JTO LICE question paper with errors – GS urges Sr.GM (Rect.) to implement National Council meeting decision.

It is repeatedly being taken up by BSNLEU that Management should take remedial measures in respect of the question papers with errors, for the JTO exam held on 02.06.2013. The issue was discussed in the 30th National Council meeting also, and appropriate decision was taken. As per the decision, the Sr.GM (Rect.) should send a letter to all the CGMs directing them to take remedial measures. Despite repeated reminders, this letter is yet to be issued. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, spoke to the Sr.GM (Rect.) today the 20.06.2014 and urged him to immediately issue the letter. The Sr.GM (Rect.) assured to issue the letter.


[19.06.2014]Price of MTNL shares surged in Mumbai stock exchange, following Ravi Shankar Prasad's announcement.

Hon'ble Minister of Communications, shri Ravi Shankar Prasad's statement on the revival of BSNL and MTNL has sent the right signal across the country. He has stated that the government would provide infrastructure support for the revival of BSNL and MTNL. As a result of this statement, the price of the shares of MTNL has surged in the Mumbai stock exchange. The price of MTNL shares, which was selling at Rs.33.85, increased by 7%. The statement of the Minister has given confidence to the public that MTNL will be revived. This has pushed the price of it's share in the market.

[19.06.2014]BSNL should expeditiously install mobile towers in the naxalite infected districts of Chhattisgarh state - says Chief Minister, Raman Singh.

Shri Raman Singh, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, has instructed BSNL, that it should expeditiously install 181 towers in the naxalite infected districts of Chhattisgarh. It should be noted that no private telecom company is prepared to provide mobile service to the people of those districts in Chhattisgarh, which are affected with naxalite insurgency. BSNL being the government company, has been told by the government of India to install towers and start providing mobile service in those areas. The government must realise that it is only BSNL which will stand by the people and the country, when the security of the nation is at threat. Hence, government should not try to kill BSNL.

[19.06.2014]CHQ Circular No.05 (Hindi) <<click here>>


[18.06.2014]Government will provide infrastructure support to MTNL and BSNL- says shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble MoC.
Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble MoC, has stated that MTNL and BSNL need proper infrastructure support. He has pointed out that in the past, MTNL and BSNL had not received the attention that they required. He has also assured that the government would provide the necessary infrastructure support to MTNL and BSNL. Further, he has stated that he has told MTNL and BSNL that they should improve their quality of services to the customers. We fully agree with the Hon'ble MoC's statement. He has rightly pointed out that MTNL and BSNL were neglected in the past. We also welcome his statement that the government would provide necessary infrastructure support to both the PSUs. There cannot be two opinion that both MTNL and BSNL's quality of services should be improved, and we are sure that the employees would achieve it. This is the first time that a Minister of Communications has openly come out in support of the two telecom PSUs. It may be remembered that soon after shri Ravi Shankar Prasad assumed office, BSNLEU wrote to him, drawing his attention as to how BSNL's equipment supply was blocked systematically by vested interests for nearly 6 years and also how BSNL was being denied level playing field, vis-a-vis private telecom companies. BSNLEU, will remain in the forefront in persuading the Hon'ble MoC, so that BSNL gets the required support from the government.

[source: Times of India dated 18-06-2014]


[18.06.2014]Corporate Office letter on rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01.10.2000.<<<view letter>>>


[17.06.2014]Noose tightens around Dayanidhi Maran in the misuse of 323 ISDN lines.

The CBI is proceeding fast against Dayanidhi Maran, for misusing 323 high speed ISDN lines, when he was the Minister for Communications. According to media reports, Dayanidhi Maran was grilled by the CBI, at New Delhi, last month. The accusation against Dayanidhi Maran was that, he misused his power and got a virtual telephone exchange, with 323 lines, installed at his Chennai residence. Those 323 lines were high speed ISDN lines, capable of carrying huge volume of high speed digital data across the globe. A dedicated cable was also laid, for connecting this telephone exchange with the Sun TV, owned by Dayanidhi Maran's family. So, it is obvious that the 323 ISDN lines were misused for the transmission of Sun TV's programme. Eventhough CBI started the probe in 2011 itself, it was moving slow for political reasons. However, it has started moving fast, after the new government came to power at Centre.

[ Courtesy : Times of India dated 17-06-2014 ]

[17.06.2014]Corporate Office releases agreement signed with BSNLEU, on change of designations of RM and TM cadres, after nearly one and half years.

The BSNL Corporate Office has released the agreement signed with BSNLEU, on change of designations of RM and TM cadres, after nearly one and half years. An agreement was reached in the National Council meeting, held on 30-01-2013, in respect of change of designations of the cadres of RM and TM. As per the decision of that meeting, the Designations Committee met on the next day, i.e., on 31-01-2013. In that meeting, an agreement was signed between the Staff Side and the Management Side, in respect of change of designations for the cadres of Regular Mazdoor and Telecom Mechanic. According to the agreement, the new designation of RM would be Telecom Assistant and the new designation of TM would be Telecom Technician. However, the Management did not implement the agreement on flimsy grounds. Moreover, due to the whimsical attitude of some officers in the Corporate Office, even the agreement was not released. CHQ has continuously been pressurising for the release of the agreement. Now, the agreement is released vide letter no.2-4/2007-Restg. dated 16-06-2014. However, the Management Side has inserted it's own clause, that the agreement would be implemented only together with the change of designations of TTA and Sr.TOA. This is not true. We will take up this issue.<<<view letter>>> <<<agreement copy>>>


[17.06.2014]General Secretary addressed Tamil Nadu Circle Executive Committee meeting.

The Tamil Nadu Circle Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU is being held at Chennai today. Com.V.P.Indira, Vice- President of the Circle Union, is presiding over the meeting.

Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, inaugurated the meeting. In his address, the GS explained bout the present political situation of the country and the role of the working class, issues connected with the viability of BSNL and their present status, issues of the Non-Executives and efforts being taken by the JAC, etc. Com.S.Chellappa, CS, presented his report on activities. Circle Executive Committee members are deliberating on the report. The following are the views of the meeting. <<<view Photos>>>

[16.06.2014]CHQ Circular No.05 dated 16.06.2014.<<click here>>


[16.06.2014]JAC writes to the Director (HR), insisting to invite the JAC for the discussion to be held on 27.06.2014, on the 30 point charter of demands.<<View letter>>


[14.06.2014]The successful Punjab circle conference ended in an upbeat mood.

The upbeat Punjab circle conference has come to a successful completion. A large number of delegates participated in the delegates' session and debated on a number of issues, related to the problems of the Non-Executives, as well as the viability of the Company. Finally, com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, replied to the issues raised by the delegates, in detail. He explained the efforts taken by BSNLEU to solve the problems as well as their present status, formation of the JAC, etc. He emphasised that the Non-Executives have to unitedly fight, to bring improvement on the issues. Thereafter, the report on activities,  as well as audited report were passed, and election of office-bearers was held unanimously. Undoubtedly, the Conference has given an impetus to BSNLEU, for further advancement in Punjab circle.


[14.06.2014]Old wine in new bottle.

One of the opposition members in the Lok Sabha, while participating in the debate on the President's address, remarked that the policy of the BJP government is nothing but  "old wine in new bottle". Despite it's tall claims to serve the poor people,  the steps being taken by the Narendra Modi government indicate, that it is going to follow the same old  Neo-Liberal policies,  that were followed by the Congress led UPA government. For example, media reports say that the new government is moving in the direction of deregulating the price of diesel. This means nothing but withdrawal of the subsidy on diesel. As reported by the Economic Times dated 12.06.2014, the Oil Ministry is moving a note to the Cabinet, for withdrawal of subsidy on diesel, by deregulating it's price. This move will help the Modi government to save Rs. 1, 40, 000 crore. But at the same time, this move will hit the poor hard, as it will shoot up an alround price rise.


[14.06.2014]Corporate Office letter on holding of meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council.<<View letter>>


[14.06.2014]BSNLMRS- guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment – cases where no CGHS rates are prescribed for any treatment/procedure.<<View letter>>


[14.06.2014]MOU Signed with Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) for extending various loan Schemes to BSNL Employees.<<View letter>>


[13.06.2014]7th circle conference of BSNLEU, Punjab circle, started enthusiastically at Chandigarh.<<click here>> 




[13.06.2014]"Regularise the contract workers to improve the economy", says the Economic Times.


The practice of engaging contract workers for jobs which are permanent in nature, has become a curse for the working class of our country. In fact, this is a serious problem for the trade union movement world over. The Central Trade Union Organisations are continuously conducting struggles for the upliftment of the contract workers. But the successive NDA and UPA governments that came to power at the Centre, had turned a deaf ear to the demands.  Since the contract workers form 90% of the workforce, the economy of the country itself cannot advance, without bringing improvement in their working conditions. This fact has been amply made clear in the editorial of The Economic Times dated 12-06-2014. It is known to all that "The Economic Times" is the mouth piece of the corporates and the rich of our country. Still, the paper has realised that without regularising the contract workers, the economy of the country cannot progress. We reproduce hereunder, the relevant portion of the said editorial:-


“Today, nearly 90% of the country's workforce is in the unorganised sector, without health, insurance and other benefits. Regularising contract workers who perform the same work as their permanent counterparts will improve not just industrial relations but also aggregate demand I the economy, paving way for faster economic growth".


[13.06.2014]Telecom companies posted 10.1% Revenue Growth in 2013-14.


Telecom companies have posted 10.1% Revenue Growth in the financial year 2013-14. The Revenue Growth posted in the financial year 2012-13 was only 8.6%. However, it was only the big companies which had increased their revenue, while the smaller companies are facing erosion in their revenue. In March 2014, the Revenue Market Share (RMS) of Airtel stood at 30.5%. The RMS of Vodafone stood at 23.4%, while the RMS of  Idea Cellular stood at 16.6%. The total RMS of these top 3 companies comes to 70.4%. At the same time, smaller telecom companies have seen erosion in their RMS in 2013-14. For example, Tata Teleservices has seen erosion in RMS in 22 circles. BSNL and Reliance Communications have seen revenue erosion in 18 circles each.


[12.06.2014]BSNLEU writes to the Hon’ble Minister of Communications, urging upon him to fill up the vacant posts at the Board level.<<View letter>>


[12.06.2014]Welfare Board meeting and Sports & Cultural Board meeting to be held in this month.

The Welfare Board meeting as well as the Sports & Cultural Board meeting are not held for the past few years. BSNLEU is continuously pressing upon the Corporate Management to hold the meeting without further delay. The issue was once again discussed with Shri A.K. Singhal, GM (Admn.) by com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, yesterday the 12.06.2014. The GM (Admn.) stated that all the steps are being taken to hold both the meetings within this month itself.


[12.06.2014]Standing Committee meeting slated to be held on 26.06.2014.

The Standing Committee of the National Council has been reconstituted. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, met Shri Neeraj Verma, GM (SR) yesterday the 12.06.2014, and urged upon him to hold the meeting expeditiously. It was told by the GM (SR) that the standing Committee meeting is likely to be held on 26.06.2014.


[12.06.2014]Com. Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE BSNL, bereaved.


We are greatly saddened to hear the news that com. Islam Ahmed’s wife had breathed her last. She had been unwell for some time. BSNLEU condoles her death and offers it’s heartfelt condolences to com. Islam Ahemd, his family and relatives.


[11.06.2014]Letter on Rs.200/= free SIM to all, will be issued within a day or two.

Corporate Office letter on Rs.200/= free SIM to all, will be issued within a day or two. BSNLEU has been pressing for this demand and it was also discussed in the last National Council meeting held on 23.04.2014. All the left out Non- Executives, including those who are working in Indoor and offices will also be issued with this SIM, with access to the CUG of the Executives, within the SSA.


[11.06.2014]Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU is to be held on 20.07.2014 at New Delhi.

A meeting of the Central Secretariat of BSNLEU (consisting of the Central Office- bearers only) will be held on 20.07.2014, at K.G. Bose Bhawan, New Delhi. All Central Office –bearers are requested to kindly attend the meeting without fail.<<View Notice>>


[11.06.2014]BRICS Bank to be launched on 15th July, 2014.

The BRICS, an organization consisting of the 5 developing nations, viz, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is likely to start it’s development Bank on 15th July, 2014. The agreement for this will be signed in the city of Fortaleza in Brazil, on that day. The BRICKS bank will start with a capital of $100 billion and the members will have equal rights. At present, the World Bank, which is being controlled by the imperialist countries, is dictating terms to the developing countries like India, for extending loans. The World Bank is very particular in forcing the developing countries to open their doors to the lootings of multi national corporations. We hope that the BRICS Bank will put a fullstop to such armtwistings of the World Bank.


[11.06.2014]The Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU is to be held on 20.07.2014, at New Delhi <<View Notice>>


[11.06.2014]CHQ writes to ED (Finance), BSNL, demanding implementaton of the National council decision, in respect of JAO exam, held in Rajasthan circle.<<View letter>>


[10.06.2014]PSUs may soon have private sector experts at the top.

Soon, private sector experts may be made heads of the PSUs. The new government is taking steps in this direction, it is understood. It is learnt that the Coal India Ltd and NHPC may be the PSUs first to get such private sector experts as CMD. The government has told the Power Secretary to move a note to the DoPT in this regard. Already the anti – PSU and pro- private policies of the government have weakened the Public Sector. Now, the new move of the government, to appoint private experts as the CMDs of PSUs, will undoubtedly further weaken the PSUs.


[10.06.2014]CHQ writes to the Corporate Office, demanding to stop the recovery, in respect of the Non – Executives absorbed in BSNL and, who opted for IDA pay scale from the date of promotion after 01.10.2000.<<View letter>>


[10.06.2014]CHQ writes to the Corporate Office, demanding payment of arrears from 01.01.2007, on revision of the rates of stipend.<<View letter>>


[10.06.2014]Secretary Staff Side writes to the GM (SR), demanding preparation of the minutes of the National Council with actual observations made in the meetings and not with after thoughts.<<View letter>>



[09.06.2014]Com.D.K.Bakutra, a shining example of dedication and selflessness.

Com.D.K.Bakutra got elected as the circle secretary of the Gujarat circle union, in November, 2011, in the circle conference held at Baruch. Before getting elected as the circle secretary, he was the Junagadh District Secretary. With his sober and friendly nature, com.D.K.Bakutra was able to carry everyone together with him. Thus, within 2 years, he was able to restore the lost glory of BSNLEU in Gujarat circle. In the 5th Membership Verification, BSNLEU was defeated there. But com.D.K.Bakutra restored the lost glory of BSNLEU in that circle. He steered the Union to victory  in the 6th Membership Verification. Under the able leadership of com.D.K.Bakutra, the strength of BSNLEU in Gujarat increased by leaps and bounds. The Junagadh district union, under the guidance of com.D.K.Bakutra, had made excellent arrangements for the 5th Circle Conference, which was held on 7th and 8th instant. They were appreciated by one and all. Above all, com.D.K.Bakutra gracefully stepped down from the post of circle secretary, to pave way for a new team to take over the charge. CHQ salutes com.D.K.Bakutra.




[09.06.2014]An Educative Open Session conducted in the Gujarat Circle Conference. A host of officers and union leaders participated. 


A very effective Open Session was conducted on 07-06-2014, in the BSNLEU circle conference, which was held at Junagadh. A large number of employees enthusiastically participated in this session.  It was heartening to note that a host of top officers of the Gujarat circle administration as well as trade union leaders participated in this Open Session, traveling long distances, even though it was being held in a remote corner of the circle. Serious deliberations took place in the session, regarding the improvement of services in Gujarat Circle. It was presided over by com.P.K.Thakkar, Circle President, and was addressed by com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, shri Balraj Singh, CGM, Gujarat,  smt. Anima Roy, GM (Admn.), CGM office, com. John Verghese, Organising Secretary (CHQ), com.A.M.Patil, Vice-President (CHQ), shri Bhatambre, GM, Junagadh, com.D.K.Bakutra, CS, BSNLEU, com.B.G.Patil, CS, SNEA, com.R.M.Belani, CS, AIBSNLEA, com.M.S.Vora, CS, TEPU. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, spoke on the present political situation and the role of the trade unions in strengthening BSNL, the anti-worker Neo-Liberal policies that are being followed by the successive NDA and UPA governments at the Centre, the necessity to improve the work culture by  the Management as well as by the employees to improve the quality of services, etc. It is sure that this Open Session will go a long way in the revitalisation of BSNL in Gujarat circle.<<View photo>> 


[09.06.2014]Rs.95, 500 donated towards CHQ fund, in the Gujarat Circle Conference. 

An amount of Rs.95, 500 was donated towards CHQ fund, in the Gujarat Circle Conference, held at Junagadh. Of this, Rs.65, 500 was donated by the Junagadh District Union and Rs.30, 000 was donated by the Godhra District Union. The cheques for the donations were received by com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, who heartily thanked the two district unions.<<View photo>> 


[07.06.2014]The two day Gujarat Circle Conference took off enthusiastically at Junagat today.

The two day Gujarat circle conference of BSNLEU, started enthusiastically at Junagat today. The Reception Committee of the circle conference has made excellent arrangements for the Conference. The meeting took off with the flag hoisting ceremony. The National Flag was hoisted by com.P. K. Thakkar, Circle President.  The Union Flag was hoisted by com .P. Abhimanyu, GS. Floral tributes were paid at the martyrs' column. Thereafter, the session started. Com.P.K. Thakkar, Circle President, presided over the session. Leaders were welcomed with bouquets. The welcome address was delivered by com.D.K.Bakutra, Circle Secretary and by com. Rathod, DS, BSNLEU, Junagat. Homage to the departed leaders was paid, by observing a minute's silence. Presidential Address was delivered by com.P.K.Thakkar. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, inaugurated the Conference and delivered his speech on all the current issues. He urged that the Narendra Modi government should not follow the same old Neo-Liberal policies, followed by the earlier NDA and UPA governments. He explained at length, exposing the Neo-Liberal policies, which had weakened the Public Sector,  including the BSNL. He explained about the communal tension recently created in Pune and called upon the leaders and cadres to be vigilant and work for communal harmony. The efforts taken by BSNLEU, to unify all the unions and associations of the Non-Executives, under the banner of the JAC, to find solution to the long pending problems, was also explained by the General Secretary. The Conference was also addressed by com.A.M. Patil, Vice-President (CHQ). Thereafter the report on activities and financial report were placed in the house. An Open Session will take place at 1600 hrs today.<<View photo>> 


[06.06.2014]Bashar – Al – Assad reelected as president with a landslide majority.

In a landside victory,   Bashar – Al- Assad is reelected as the president of Syria. He polled 88.7% votes, while his nearest rival polled only 4.3% votes. Independent   observers, including parliamentarians from a number of countries, declared the polling as free and fair. The people of Syaria celebrated the victory of Assad on the streets. The reelection of Bashar – Al – Assad is a victory for democracy in Syria and a major blow to the United States, which pumped billions of dollars and arms and ammunitions in to Syria, to over throw the democratically elected government in Syria. The United States even decided to make ‘an Iraq – type of attack’ on Syria to overthrow Bashar – al – Assad. But it could not do it, since the British Parliament opposed it and Germany was not willing to join the attack .The US should learn a lesson from this election result and should not hereafter intervene in other countries.


[06.06.2014]Childcare Leave can be availed for less than 15 days also

As per the rules, the Childcare Leave (CCL) can be availed for a minimum period of 15 days only. Less than 15 days of CCL cannot be availed. This rule is modified now by the DOPT, according to which CCL can be availed for less than 15 days also.


[06.06.2014]Govt. to lay submarine cable to connect Andaman & Nicobar with the mainland

It has been a long time demand of BSNLEU and other unions and associations of Andaman & Nicobar, that govt. should lay a submarine cable to connect the A & N Islands with the Indian mainland. At present communication is being provided between the islands and the mainland, using satellite bandwidth. This medium is very costly. In fact a major portion of the revenue of BSNL in A&N circle is being used to pay charges for satellite bandwidth. Because of this factor, the A & N circle is running in loss, even though it is the biggest service provider there. Now govt. is moving to lay a submarine cable between A & N and the mainland. The DOT will shortly take up this issue for the approval of the Cabinet. It may take 2 to 3 years to complete this project


[05.06.2014]Appeal against the judgment of the Hon’ble Madras CAT on JTO LICE- GS, BSNLEU urges Director (HR)

In respect of the JTO, LICE held in Tamil Nadu circle, the Hon’ble Madras CAT has given an order which will seriously affect the future of hundreds of candidates. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, requested the Director (HR) yesterday the 04.06.2014, to do the needful so that BSNL appeals against the judgment. The Directed (HR) assured that the needful would be done, soon after the GM (Estt) joins duty, on expiry of his leave.


[05.06.2014]GS, BSNLEU, seeks expeditious approval of JTO RR by the BSNL Board.

The revised JTO RR is already approved by the Management Committee, and is awaiting the approval of the BSNL Board. If this RR is approved, it will result in the Regular promotion of all the Officiating JTOs. Further, the qualifying service for appearing the JTO LICE will also be reduced from 7 Years to 5 years. Both these are the long pending demands of BSNLEU. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, in his meeting with shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) yesterday the 04.06.2014, urged for an early approval of the Revised RR, by the BSNL Board. The Director (HR) assured to do the needful in the BSNL Board meeting which will be held on 6th June, 2014.


[05.06.2014]Settle change of designations expeditiously – Director (HR) urged upon.

The issue of change of designations of the Non-Executives is being unduly delayed, due to the mind-blocks of some of the officers in the Corporate Office. This is one issue, which could be settled without any expenditure. The Committee for change of designations has been reconstituted with GM level officers. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, who met Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) yesterday the 04.06.2014, sought his intervention and appropriate direction to the officers of the Committee to settle the issue without any mind-block. The Director (HR) assured to do the needful in this regard.





[05.06.2014]J&K circle conducts an impressive convention at Jammu Tawi, as per the call of the Rajkot CEC meeting.<<click here>> 







[05.06.2014]Hold Management Trainee exam expeditiously, GS, BSNLEU, insists on the Management.






In the National Council meeting held on 23.04.2014, the Staff Side was assured that the notification for the Management Trainee exam would be issued within three months. However, nothing seems to be moving in this connection. On enquiry, it is found out that the matter is lying pending in the Recruitment Branch. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, met Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) yesterday the 04.06.2014 and expressed his concern over the delay. The Director (HR) immediately instructed the Sr. GM (Rectt.) to issue the notification without delay. The Non- Executives will not be allowed to sit the forthcoming MT exam. However, in the Notional Council meeting held on 23.04.2014, the Management has assured that it would consider reviewing of the MT Recruitment Rules, after the forthcoming exam is held, to allow Non-Executives with the requisite qualification to appear the exam. Such a review will greatly help the DR TTAs who have the requisite qualification.






[05.06.2014]Notification for the JAC meeting to be held on 26.06.2014 <<View letter>>












[05.06.2014]JAC to meet on 26.06.2014. to decide trade union action on long pending problems.







A meeting of the JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives will be held on 26.06.2014 at New Delhi. The meeting will start at 1600 hrs and the venue is the office of BSNL MS, at T15, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi – 110001. The meeting will review the developments after submission of the memorandum to the CMD BSNL, and will also decide on trade union action, to be carried out for the settlement of the long pending problems of the Non- Executives.






[04.06.2014]Non-implementation of the decision of the  National Council meeting, regarding the discrepancies found in the question papers of the JTO LICE, held on 02.06.2013.






Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, met Shir A.N. Rai, Director (HR), and pointed out that the letter issued by the Recruitment Branch, on 27.05.2014, on the issue of settlement of the discrepancies found in the question papers of the JTO LICE  held on 02-06-2013, is inadequate and is  not in line with the decision of the National Council meeting, held on 23.04.2014. The Director (HR) instructed the Sr. GM (Rectt), who was present in the meeting, to issue letter to all the CGMs, directing them to take appropriate action, regarding the question papers with discrepancies.


[04.06.2014]Meeting with Shri Mohammed Ashraf Khan ED (NB)

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, met Shri Mohammed Ashraf Khan, who recently joined as the Executive Director (New Business). Since the ED (NB) is the in charge of the telecom factories, the GS briefed him of the efforts being taken by BSNLEU for the revival of the telecom factories, and solicited his cooperation in this regard. The ED (NB) assured his best cooperation. BSNLEU will hold a detailed discussion shortly with the ED (NB), on the revival of the telecom factories.


[04.06.2014]The inadequate letter, issued by the Recruitment Branch of the Corporate Office, on settlement of the discrepancies found in the question papers of the  JTO LICE, held on 02.06.2014.<<click here>> 












[04.06.2014]Tenure of shri R.K.Upadhyay, CMD BSNL, extended up to 30th June, 2014.


The government has approved another extension of tenure for shri R. K. Upadhyay, CMD BSNL, ie., upto 30-06-2014, when he will turn 60 years. As per shri R. K. Upadhyay's appointment letter, he was to retire on 30-04-2014. However, the former Minister shri Kapil Sibal extended his tenure by one month, ie., upto 31-05-2014. Now a second extension of tenure is given.


[04.06.2014]BSNL order on grant of Selection Grade to the Lift Operators on completion of 8 years of service.<<View Order>> 


[03.06.2014]CHQ issues notice to hold a meeting of the Committee, formed by the Rajkot CEC meeting, on the proposed merger of BSNL & MTNL.<<click here>> 


[03.06.2014]CHQ urges upon the BSNL Management to appeal against the order of the Hon’ble CAT, Madras Bench, regarding the JTO LICE held in Tamil Nadu circle on 02.06.2013. << View letter>>


[03.06.2014]Shri Gopinath Munde, Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development dies in a road accident. 
Shri Gopinath Munde, Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development met with a tragic road accident at New Delhi this morning, and succumbed to the injuries. CHQ of BSNLEU expresses it's shock over the untimely death of shri Munde and pays it's respectful homage to him. It also offers it's heartfelt condolences to the family members of the departed leader.


[02.06.2014]CHQ writes to the Sr.GM (Rectt.), demanding to write letters to all the CGMs, with regards to the discrepancies that have cropped up in the JTO LICE, that was held on 02-06-2013, as per the decision taken in the 30th meeting of the National Council held on 23-04-2014.<<click here>> 


[02.06.2014]Defeat of the Congress Party is rejection of the Neo- Liberal Policies.<<click here>> 



[31.05.2014]BSNLEU Committee on merger of BSNL & MTNL to meet on 19-07-2014.

The Rajkot CEC meeting has formed a Committee to study the various issues connected with the merger of BSNL & MTNL, and to give it's report to the Union. A meeting of this Committee will be held at 10:00 hrs on 19-07-2014 at K.G.Bose Bhawan, New Delhi. All the members of the Committee are requested to attend the meeting without fail.


[31.05.2014]Changed Scenario and the Role of Working Class - Editorial of Tele Crusader June, 2014.<<click here>> 


[30.05.2014]Manning of vacant posts of Junior Hindi Translators (JHT) through local arrangements – regarding.<<view letter>>


[30.05.2014]Memorandum submitted by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations to Communications Minister. <<click here>>


[29.05.2014]Minutes of the 30th meeting of the National Council held on 23rd April, 2014 under the chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board.<<click here>>


[29.05.2014]Glowing tributes paid to veteran trade union leader, com.R.Umanath.


Glowing tributes were paid to the veteran trade union leader, com.R.Umanath, one of the founder leaders of the CITU, as well as one who had immensely contributed to strengthen the trade union movement of the country. The condolence meeting was held yesterday the 28-05-2014, in B.T.R. Bhawan, the head-quarters of the CITU. Prominent leaders participated in the meeting and paid rich tributes to com.R.Umanath. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, president and com.T.A.Biju, CHQ office Secretary, participated in the meeting and paid homage to the departed leader. The following are the views of the meeting. <<view photo>> 


[29.05.2014]"Sick Public Sector units will be revived"- says shri Anant Geete, Hon'ble Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.


Shri Anant Geete, Hon'ble Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, has stated that the new government will work towards reviving sick public Sector enterprises. "There are many sick PSUs, and I have discussed with the Prime Minister. We will make efforts to revive sick units", said the Minister, after assuming office, yesterday the 28-05-2014. Being the Minister in charge of the Public Sector Enterprises, the statement of shri Anant Geete is very significant. His positive attitude will go a long way in not only reviving the sick PSUs, but also in strengthening the Public Sector of the country. However, we are not sure whether the views expressed by shri Anant Geete are his personal view or that of the BJP government, since he belongs to the Shiv Sena, and not the BJP. We have to wait and watch.

[Source: The Economic Times dated 29-05-2014]


[29.05.2014]"We will use military force unilaterally, if necessary", says Obama.


The US president Barak Obama has said that the US will use military force unilaterally, when the core interests of the US demands it, or when the security of the allies of the US is in danger. He has said, that in such circumstances, the US will not ask the tough questions about whether their action is proportional, effective and just. The statement of Obama only reveals the military arrogance of the US. After the 2nd World War, the United Nations (UNO) was formed to solve the disputes and conflicts between nations. However, the US had used it's military force on many occasions, without the approval of the UNO. It had attacked Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, etc. Recently, it wanted to attack Syria, but it was not accepted by the UNO. It may be noted that the US makes such aggressions, only in the interests of it's multi national companies. It is a shame that the US calls itself the champion of democracy and human rights!  

[Source: Times of India dated 29-05-2014]



[29.05.2014]Rotation of officers posted on Sensitive Posts regarding.<<view letter>>





[28.05.2014]Take all out efforts to fulfill the targets set out in the MoU signed between the DoT and the BSNL Management for the financial year 2014-15.


An MoU has been signed between the DoT and the BSNL Management for the financial year 2014-15.  The MoU contains the various targets set out by the DoT to the BSNL Management, to be fulfilled in this financial year. The targets are connected with the provision of new phone connections and broadband connections, early repairing of faults, response to the customers for assistance, billing performance, utility of bandwidths, etc. In other words, fulfillment of these targets are very much connected with the revival of BSNL. Eventhough the DoT has signed the MoU only with the BSNL Management,  it is the duty of each and every employee, as well as the trade unions, to ensure that the targets set out by the DoT are fulfilled. Hence, Circle and District Secretaries are requested to pay special attention to this issue, and to ensure that the employees are motivated to complete the task. A copy of the 4 page MoU is uploaded on the CHQ website on 08-05-2014.


[28.05.2014]                                                Change of CHQ's Email ID 

             Circle and District Secretaries are requested to note please.

So far, CHQ's Email ID has been chqbsnleu@sify.com. However, Sify has informed us, that they are closing down their Email services. Consequent to this, CHQ has started a new Email ID in the Gmail. The new ID is  bsnleuchq@gmail.com. All comrades are requested to communicate with CHQ only through the new Email ID. Circle and District Secretaries are requested to popularize this new Email ID of the CHQ.

[27.05.2014]BSNLEU writes to the Hon’ble Minister of Communications, congratulating him on assuming office, as well as seeking his support to revitalise BSNL.

<<view letter>>


[27.05.2014]CHQ writes to Corporate Office on enhancement of Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance to the BSNL employees posted in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.<<view letter>>


[27.05.2014]Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad assumes charge as Telecom Minister.

Senior BJP leader, shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, has taken over charge as the new Telecom Minister. He is an advocate by profession. Being the National spokesman of the BJP and NDA, Shri Prasad had cordial relationship with the media as well as other political parties and organizations. It is appropriate that he will handle the Law Ministry also, since the telecom sector is embroiled in various legal tangles. BSNLEU heartily welcomes shri Ravi Shankar Prasad. We sincerely hope that he would take the necessary steps to revive the embattled BSNL and MTNL.


[26.05.2014]CHQ writes to the Corporate Office seeking early implementation of the Hon’ble CAT of Allahabad Bench, on counting Ex-servicemen’s service for JTO LICE.<<view letter>>


[26.05.2014]JAC writes to the CMD BSNL, urging to take action on the memorandum submitted.

JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non- Executives had submitted a memorandum to the CMD BSNL on 09.04.2014, on the long pending problems. However, no action has been taken even after the lapse of 1˝ months. JAC writes to the CMD BSNL, urging him to take action. <<view letter>>


[26.05.2014]13 Year old girl from Andhra scales Mount Everest.

Malavath Purna, a 13 year old girl from Andhra Pradesh created history yesterday by climbing the Mount Everest. Purna has become the youngest girl in the world to do this achievement. She is a 10th standard student and her parents are daily wagers. BSNLEU congratulates Purna for her great achievement and appreciates her courage.


[24.05.2014]Revised RRs of TTA and JTO are going for the approval of BSNL Board.

Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS, met Shri R.K. Goyal, GM (Estt) on 23.05.2014 and discussed certain issues. It was told that the revised RRs of TTA and JTO are approved by the BSNL Management Committee, and are now being sent for the approval of the BSNL Board. The proposal to give regular promotion to all the officiating JTOs and also the proposal to reduce the qualifying service from 7 years to 5 years, for appearing the JTO LICE, are approved by the Management Committee. The BSNL Board is meeting in the first week of June.


[24.05.2014]Hon’ble CAT, Allahabad directs BSNL to count the service rendered in Armed Forces, to compute the qualifying service for JTO exam.

BSNLEU strongly demanded the BSNL Management, that the service rendered in the Armed Forces should be counted for computing the 7 year’s qualifying service to appear the JTO LICE, held on 02.06.2013. But the Management did not agree. Some of the DR TTAs filed a case in the Hon’ble CAT, Allahabad in this regard. The Hon’ble CAT, in its order dated 25.05.2013, has already directed BSNL to provisionally allow some Ex Service men to appear the JTO LICE held on 02.06.2013. The Hon’ble CAT, in its judgment delivered on 20.05.2014, has directed BSNL to count the service rendered in the Group ‘C’ posts of the Armed Forces to compute the 7 year’s qualifying service. Based on this order, BSNLEU is taking up case to declare the results of such Ex Service men.


[24.05.2014]Corporate Office circle union conducts convention as per the decision of Rajkot CEC. <<click here>>


[24.05.2014]Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary joins the Head Quarters.

Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary has joined the Head Quarters today the 24.05.2014. He was on leave from 05.05.2014 and had gone on a private visit to Malaysia.


[24.05.2014]BSNL has increased it’s revenue.

The Balance Sheet of BSNL is yet to be finalized. However, it is learnt that the Company has increased it’s revenue by 4.4%, compared to the previous year. The revenue for 2013-14 is Rs.28, 324 crore, while the same was Rs.27, 124 crore in the previous year. The revenue of BSNL has been steadily decreasing during the past many years. It is a great relief to us that it has started growing again. This has become possible only because of the collective efforts of the management and the unions and associations who represent the employees. If we put in more efforts, certainly we can make BSNL once again into a profit making company.


[23.05.2014]78.2% IDA merger – Protest Day on 05.06.2014.

AIBDPA CHQ has decided to observe 5th June, 2014 as Protest Day by holding Dharna / Rally / Demonstration at all levels involving maximum pensioners. Saving gram also should be sent to the Hon’ble Minister, Communication and Secretary, DOT. CHQ has taken a decision to extend a big support to this programme.


[23.05.2014]CHQ of BSNLEU Condoles the Death of Comrade R. Umanath.

Comrade R Umanath, veteran trade union leader and former Polit Bureau Member, CPI (M) expired on 21st May, 2014 in a hospital Tiruchirapally  (Tamilnadu). He was ailing for a few days. Comrade R umanath was one of the founder leaders of CITU. He attended and addressed many conferences and meetings of P&T and BSNL employees and always supported the struggles of the central government employees. The CHQ of BSNLEU conveys its heartfelt condolences to the family members of the bereaved leader.  


[23.05.2014]Meeting of the Forum held on 22nd May 2014.

A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations was held on 22nd May 2014 at the Local Council Office, NTR, New Delhi. Com.C.Singh, President, presided. Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS, & Com. R.L.Moudgil, AGS, BSNLEU attended the meeting.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener, Forum, welcomed all the participants and briefed the meeting about the necessity of urgently taking up the issues of BSNL Revival with the new government to be formed. This is most necessary since the government may take quick steps in the same line as the earlier government. We have to identify  the most important issues  in this connection and prepare a  Memorandum.

The meeting discussed the issues in detail. It was decided to prepare a memorandum on the points discussed in the meeting which will be finanlised in the meeting of the Forum to be held on 27th May. All efforts should be made to meet the Communications Minister and submit the memorandum at the earliest.

The next meeting will be held at 04.00 PM on 27th May 2014 at Local Council Office, NTR   (CTO), New Delhi.


[22.05.2014]Managment has made some clarification for empanelment as coach- Corrigendum issued on 19th May, 2014.<<click here>>


[22.05.2014]An Impressive Convention by UP (East) Circle at RTTC Lucknow.<<click here>>


[22.05.2014]Restructuring of the Cadres in Telephone Factory – CHQ writes letter to Director (HR) to implement the National Council meeting decision in this regard.

<<click here>>


[22.05.2014]Com Moni Bose’s Death Anniversary 2014, programme observed in Madhya Pradesh.<<click here>>


[21.05.2014]CHQ writes letters to Sr. GM (Estt.) for issuance of Presidential Order to the leftout officials who had regularised from TSM to RM. –Case of Andhra Pradesh, NE-II and Assam Circle.<<click here>>


[21.05.2014]Clarification regarding classification of cities.<<click here>>


[21.05.2014]Discussion held with Director (HR).

Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy GS today met Shri A N Rai, Director (HR) and discussed about the important issues like stagnation, pay loss, short comings in NEPP etc which are still pending in the Corporate Office. Even some decisions taken in National Council Meeting are not being implemented. The union leaders highlighted some specific issues like restructuring of Telecom Factory cadre and one more chance for the draughtsman to appear in JTO exam. They pointed out that the Management is reluctant for holding the meetings at various levels of Sports Board, Staff Welfare Board and Circle Council Meeting in proper time. The Designation Committee and Standing Committee Meetings are also abnormally delayed. Union Leaders requested for intervention of Director (HR) on all these issues. Director (HR) assured to get the meetings conducted at the earliest. He also assured that pending issues will be discussed in Standing Committee which is likely to be held in the next month.


[21.05.2014]CMD BSNL Letter to CGMs on Payment of Bills.<<click here>>


[20.05.2014]A tribute to Com. Moni Bose on his 4th Death Anniversary – Kolkata, Raipur (Chhatisgarh) & Indore (MP).<<click here>>


[20.05.2014]The 4th Death Anniversary of Com. Moni Bose observed by West Bengal Circle. <<click here>>


[19.05.2014]Abnormal delay in holding meetings of Sports & Welfare Boards – Com. Animesh Mitra meets Shri Adhir Kumar Singhal.  G.M. (Admin.)


Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. G.S. & Com. R.L. Moudgil, AGS met G.M. (Admin.) in Corporate Office. They pointed out that no meeting of the Sports & Welfare Board have  taken place for the last 3 Years.  We submitted the agenda for Sports Board in May, 2013 and for Welfare Board in January, 2014.  Similarly, the Circle Council meeting has also not taken place in Corporate Office despite the Circle Council having been constituted and agenda submitted long back. They conveyed that there is great resentment among staff. G.M. (Admin.) assured that he will try to arrange the meetings at the earliest.


[19.05.2014]Rich Tributes Paid to Comrade Moni Bose on his 4th Death Anniversary,, in a function organized in Eastern Court,, New Delhi.<<click here>>


[19.05.2014]CHQ pays its Homage to Com. Moni Bose on 4th Death Anniversary. A write up by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU on the Anniversary.<<click here>>


[17.05.2014]Discussion held with GM (Telecom Factory) on 16 May 2014.  Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. G.S, met the GM TF at Corporate Office and discussed certain points relating to manufacturing of CLIP Telephone, PLB HDPE DUCT and VRLA Battery in TF Khargpur.  The following has been revealed from the discussion. <<click here>>


[17.05.2014]Corporate Office has sectioned an amount of Rs.13.75 Lakhs for the Circle Sports and Cultural Board for the financial 2013-14.<<view letter>>


[16.05.2014]Results of General Elections 2014.

The BJP alone has won clear majority with 282 in the 2014 general elections. With its allies it has got 334 while the congress has got only 47 Seats. 2014 General Elections have seen the all time rout of the Congress. It has been decimated to the lowest minimum of 47 seats and with its allies UPA is at 63. The ruling party for 10 years, Congress has been humbled by the people. The unlimited corruption, crony capitalism and misgovernance of the UPA has been rejected by the people. Left Parties also have suffered. Its seats have been reduced to 12, from the earlier 25.  While it has improved its tally from 4 to 8 in Kerala and Tripura has retained its two with increased votes, it lost in West Bengal. But despite huge victory all over India, BJP could not open account in Kerala.


The people have given the verdict. The parties which have lost have to introspect why they have lost. BJP, which has won and is going to rule the country also has to introspect and ensure that it does not go the same way of the Congress. The working class has to continue its eternal vigilance in the new situation.


[15.05.2014]Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees.<<view letter>>


[15.05.2014]Clarification on GSLI Scheme, 2005.

Corporate Office has clarified certain points on GSLI Scheme 2005. It is related to Benefits available under BSNL GSLI Scheme 2005. Clarification memo was issued vide letter no. 500-57/2011/GSLI/CA II/ BSNL/ Vol. II. Dated 12.5.2014. <<view letter>>


[15.05.2014]Com. Moni Bose 4th death anniversary on 19th May 2014.

Circle and District Secretaries are requested to observe 4th death anniversary of legendary P&T Trade Union Leader Com. Moni Bose in a befitting manner. It may be recalled that CEC Meeting held at Rajkot from 7th to 9th February resolved to observe death anniversary explaining his immense contributions and sacrifices in building a strong movement. In this regard a write up also uploaded which may be widely circulated among workers.<<click here>>


[15.05.2014]SBI shifts telephone lines from BSNL to Reliance.

It is reported by the Bank Unions that there is a move to shift the BSNL connections of State Bank of India to Reliance. Already the majority services of the SBI is being outsourced to Reliance as part of the neo-liberal policy of the Government. In continuation, the phones are being planned to shift from the PSU BSNL to private corporate Reliance.


Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener, Forum has already spoken to Shri R.K.Upadhyay, CMD BSNL, to take immediate steps to ensure that the SBI connections are retained to BSNL. Messages have also been sent to the Directors of BSNL.


[13.05.2014]CHQ writes to Director (HR) on request for one more chance to Draughtsman to appear in JTO exam.<<view letter>>


[13.05.2014]Corporate Office letter No.250-17/2013-Pers-III dated 13.05.2014, to all Heads of Circles - Implementation of judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court on computation of reservation for persons with disabilities.<<view letter>> <<enclosure>>


[13.05.2014]Telephone subscribers base increased at the end of financial year.

Business Line on May,13 has focused that the telecom subscriber in our country has reached to 933 million (wireless - 904.51 million and landline - 28.49 million) as on March 31, 2014, it is highlighted by the TRAI that mobile operators continued to add new customers. But the teledensity in our country remains 75.23. BSNL’s market share stands 10.45% among the service providers in our country. It is noteworthy to mention here that BSNL has been able to increase its 2% revenue growth as it was stated by Director (HR), in the last National Council meeting. 


[13.05.2014]DoT issued notice to M/s Bharti Airtel.

It has been reported in print media that the Bharti Airtel is facing demands worth Rs.5,816.9 Cr. from DoT including one time spectrum charge of Rs.5201.3 Cr. and penalty worth Rs.350 Cr. for 3G intra Circle roaming as on 31.03.2014. In addition to that this operator has got contingent liabilities worth Rs.7,100.8 Cr. from various govt. departments and agencies including income tax department for Rs.2070 Cr. and custom duty worth Rs.605 Cr. This facts reflect the manipulative methods adopted by the Private Telecom Operators.


[12.05.2014]Issuance of Presidential order – Some cases are still pending at Corporate Office.

It is unfortunate that still some cases for issuance of presidential order in respect of casual labourers who had TSM status on or before 30.09.2000 and regularised on or after 01.10.2000 are kept pending in Corporate Office. We have got this information from Assam, NE-II and Punjab Circle. Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS and com. R.L. Moudgil, AGS met GM (Estt.) on 09.05.2014, and requested him to do the needful at the earliest. It is learnt that Corporate Office has already conveyed its approval for 9 officials in Punjab circle. For Assam and NE-II circle, Corporate Office has sought for some clarifications and documents from the respective circles for further action. Circle Secretaries of the concerned circle are requested to send the necessary documents to Corporate Office without further delay. <<click here>>


[12.05.2014]4G Allocation: Supreme Court notice to centre, Reliance JIO and TRAI in response to PIL seeking CBI probe into Rs. 40,000 crore loss

According  to a TOI report, The Supreme Court has issued notice to Centre, Reliance Jio and TRAI and sought their response on a PIL seeking CBI probe into allocation of broadband wire less access (BWA) spectrum for 4 G services to Jio which allegedly caused Rs 40,000 crore loss to the exchequer.


 [10.05.2014]National Commission for Scheduled Tribes directs BSNL management to send report regarding non filling up of backlog SC/ST vacancies in the cadre of JTO (Civil/Electrical)  for departmental quota in BSNL. <<click here>>


[10.05.2014]National Commission for Scheduled Castes directs BSNL management to send report regarding non filling up of backlog SC/ST vacancies in the cadre of JTO (Civil/Electrical)  for departmental quota in BSNL. <<click here>>


[09.05.2014]Regular Promotion to the officials who are officiating as JTOs - Management Committee approves JTO RR Rules.

In the last National Council meeting held on 23rd April, 2014, the management had replied that in order to provide relief to officials working as officiating JTOs, Recruitment Rule of JTO is being revised and a provision is being made in proposed RR to accommodate such JTOs on regular basis. Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS and Com. R.L.Moudgil, AGS today met Sr.G.M.(Estt), Shri R.K.Goyal who informed that the proposed RRs have been approved by the Management Committee in its meeting held on 8th April, 2014. The case will now be put up before the BSNL Board meeting. This will help in settling a  long pending major demand of our union. 


[09.05.2014]Problems in ERP system in Karnataka Circle – Employees are facing difficulty to get GPF withdrawal. 

It is reported that the employees of Karnataka Circle are getting harassed for getting the GPF advance / withdrawal in Karnataka Circle since April, 2014. CGMT Karnataka Circle has informed the Circle union that the problem has arisen due to ERP system for which already he has contacted to the officers in Corporate Office. It is unfortunate that problem still exists in the Circle. Com.Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS and com. Kamal Dev Sah, CS, Corporate Office, met yesterday, the concerned General Manager who is looking after the ERP system. While acknowledging the problem, he assured that action has already been taken and concerned Agency / Vendor have already been ordered to rectify the system at the earliest.  

[09.05.2014]Corporate Office issues guidelines for constitution of local councils at circle headquarters and SSA levels.<<view letter>>

[09.05.2014]Corporate Office letter on calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees.<<click here>>

[09.05.2014]Corporate Office letter to all CGMs, on utilisation of vacant quarters by renting out-regarding review on performance of 2013-14 and fixing targets for FY 2014-15.<<click here>>

[09.05.2014]Himachal Pradesh Circle Convention at Shimla.<<click here>>

[08.05.2014]Corporate Office letter on payment of Srinagar Valley Allowances to the BSNL staff posted in Srinagar Valley - review of.<<click here>>

[08.05.2014]Corporate Office letter to all CGMs, regarding non-receipt of union subscription deducted from the salaries of union members .<<click here>>

[08.05.2014]Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the year 2014-15 signed by BSNL with DoT .<<click here>>

[08.05.2014]BSNLEU observed May Day enthusiastically all over India.<<click here>>

[07.05.2014]Corporate Office letter on review of result of failed SC/ST candidates of JAO Limited Internal Competitive Exam against 10% quota held in August-2013.<<click here>>


[07.05.2014]Corporate Office letter on safety from fire incidents.<<click here>>


[06.05.2014]Department of Telecommunications - Office Memorandum on the issues relating to disbursement of pensionary benefits to all the combined service pension optee absorbed employees of MTNL.<<click here>>


[05.05.2014]Corporate Office letter on filling up of the vacant posts of Private Secretary of BSNL field units under 33% LICE Quota as per Recruitment Rules - 2014.<<click here>>


[05.05.2014]CHQ writes to GM (SR), on looking after arrangement in the place of General Secretary, BSNLEU.<<view letter>>


[03.05.2014]BSNL is the leader in the wired and wireless broadband service.

According to the recent data released by the TRAI, BSNL is the leader in broadband service,  both wired and wireless. In the wired broadband segment, BSNL is having 9.98 million customers and Airtel is having 1.39 million customers. In the wireless broadband segment, Airtel is having 10.6 million customers and BSNL is having 6.38 million customers.  Others in this segment are Reliance with 6.98 million, Idea with6.5 million and Vodafone withm6.14 customers.


[03.05.2014]General Secretary proceeds on leave for 15 days.

The CHQ informs that com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, is proceeding on leave from 05.05.2014, in connection with his personal works. He will be joining CHQ back on 24.05.2014. During this period, com.Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, will look after the duties of the General Secretary. All circle and district secretaries are requested to make note of this.


[03.05.2014]CHQ Circular No.04 (Hindi) <<click here>>


[02.05.2014]Corporate Office endorses DoP&T order for extension of Special Concessions/ Facilities for Kasmir Valley.

BSNLEU has long been taking up the case of extension of Special Concessions/Facilities for the employees working in Kashmir Valley. However, this was not done by the Corporate Office,  on the plea that extension order for this has to be issued by the DoP&T. Soon after necessary order was issued by the DoP&T, again BSNLEU took up the case vigorously. Corporate Office has now issued the necessary endorsement. <<< view letter >>>


[02.05.2014]Immediately complete district and circle conferences, wherever they have become due.

Circle and district secretaries are requested to make note of the fact, that the dates of the All India Conference has already been announced. So, it is mandatory that all district and circle conferences, which have become due, should be conducted before the All India Conferences. Hence, circle secretaries, whose conferences have already become due, are requested to immediately plan to complete their conferences. Also, they are requested to immediately instruct their district secretaries also to complete the conferences. This is a vital organisational task, and circle and district secretaries are requested to pay due attention to it.

[02.05.2014]Corporate Office writes to the CGM's, telling them to be more sensitive to staff problems. <<<view letter>>>

[01.05.2014]Revolutionary May Day greetings to all.


BSNLEU conveys it's revolutionary May Day greetings to all. We also pay our respectful homage to the May Day martyrs, who remain as the driving force behind all struggles, against the exploitation of man by man, throught the world. On this day, let us resolve to further strengthen the unity of the working class, and intensify our struggles to achieve an exploitation free world. Let us also struggle with full vogour against the anti- worker and anti- people Neo Liberal Policies.  To achieve this, let us also resolve to strengthen communal harmony of the working masses, by isolating communal forces.

                               Inquilab Zindabad.

                             Glory to the May Day martyrs


[30.04.2014]Observe May Day in a befitting manner.

CHQ calls upon the circle and branch unions to observe this year’s May Day in a befitting manner, with rallies, meetings, etc. BSNLEU’s red flag must be hoisted in all offices. Wherever possible, the programme should be observed together with other trade unions, especially the Central Trade Unions. Photos and details of the programme observed, may be sent to the CHQ.


[30.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on re-constitution of Standing Committee of National Council to review the progress on the decisions taken in the National Council meetings.<<click here>>


[30.04.2014]Asohok Singhal of the VHP writes to the President, requesting to beef up the security cover of Narendra Modi.

VHP leader, Ashok Singhal has written to the President of India, requesting him to beef up the security cover that is being provided to Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP. It is true that Narendra Modi is having serious threat to his life and that it is the duty of the government of India to provide adequate security to him. But the question is, why this issue is being taken up by the VHP? Narendra Modi is the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP. As such, it is the duty of that party to take up such issues. Or, Narendra Modi, being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the government of Gujarat should have written taken up this issue. VHP is a communal organisation, which is involved in the demolition of the Babri Masjid.  It is bizarre that Narendra Modi's security issue is being taken up by that organisation. Sometime back the RSS openly declared that Narendra Modi is an RSS pracharak. It is a worrying trend that the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Main Opposition party is getting increasingly identified with such communal forces.

[30.04.2014]TDSAT strikes down ban on 3G intra circle roaming.
In a major relief to the private telecom operators, the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) has struck down the government's order, imposing ban on Airtel, Idea and Vodafone, to provide intra-circle roaming. It may be remembered that these private operators were providing 3G service, even in circles where they had not acquired 3G spectrum, by sharing each other's spectrum. Subsequently, this was banned by the DoT, against which the private telecom operators appealed in the TDSAT. Now, the Tribunal has allowed them to offer 3G roaming service beyond their licenced circles also.

[29.04.2014]BSNL will provide 4G service by March 2015.

BSNL's CMD designate shri Anupam Srivastava has told the Economic Times that BSNL will start it's 4G services by March 2015, through convergence of it's wireline and wireless capabilities.  He has also told that BSNL would not provide it's 4G service through the spectrum route, but through the LTE route. 


[29.04.2014]Haryana circle union donates Rs.37,500 towards CHQ donation.

Haryana circle union has donated Rs.37,500 towards CHQ donation. The amount was handed over to com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, by com.M.S.Kadian, CS, Haryana, in the circle level convention held at Rohtak, yesterday the 28-04-2014.CHQ heartily congratulates the Haryana circle union.

[29.04.2014]Haryana Circle Convention at Rohtak on 28th April 2014.<<click here>>

[28.04.2014]CHQ writes to Director (HR), protesting the whimsical transfer orders issued by CGM, Andaman & Nicobar circle, in total violation of Transfer Policy issued by the Corporate Office.<<view letter>>

[28.04.2014]Final report on Dayanidhi Maran would soon be submitted to the CBI trial court. 

A CBI official said, that their probe on former Union telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran’s causing a loss of Rs.1.2 crore to exchequer, by illegally installing more than 323 high-speed telephone lines in his Chennai residence, would be over soon, after which a final report would be submitted in the trial court.”  The agency’s FIR, lodged in 2013, had accused Maran and the officials of criminal misconduct. The virtual telephone exchange connected Maran’s Boat House residence with a television channel office via a dedicated underground cable link, said a CBI official. “The high-capacity telephone lines and lease circuit facilities were set up illegally in the name of two then chief general managers of the BSNL, Chennai, to ensure that they fell under the service category,” said the official. As a result, BSNL could charge nothing for either the installation or the subsequent use of the lines and other facilities. The lines, usually procured by commercial enterprises, were capable of digitally transmitting audio and video data simultaneously, video-conferencing, and faster transmission of TV news and programmes. “But nothing was paid to the BSNL. No user bills were generated during the period, which resulted in a loss of around `1.2 crore to the exchequer,” said the official.

 - Hindustan Times, April 27, 2014

[28.04.2014]CHQ writes to Director (HR), demanding to restructure the payscales of the Non-Executives, and make them compatible for 78.2% IDA merger, to solve the problem of stagnation.<<view letter>>

[28.04.2014]The 6th All India Conference of BSNLEU held at Ludhiana, has given call to the Circle and District unions for collection of Rs.100/- towards CHQ donation. It is also decided that this donation is to be collected at the time of payment of 78.2% IDA merger. This call is given to overcome the financial difficulties of the CHQ. Unfortunately, very few circle and district unions have responded to the call of the All India Conference. We are attaching herewith a list of donations received. Circle and District secretaries are requested to look into this and do the needful to collect donations @ Rs.100/- per member and send the same to the CHQ without further delay.<<view list of donations>>

[26.04.2014]CHQ Circular No.04 dated 26.04.2014.<<click here>>


[26.04.2014]A. Raja charge sheeted by Enforcement Directorate under prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The Enforcement Directorate, which has been investigating the transfer of over Rs.200 crore to DMK promoted Kalaignar TV, by Swam Telecom, allegedly as a quid pro quo for the firm bagging 2G spectrum at a throwaway price, has charge sheeted the former Telecom Minister, A. Raja, DMK leader M. Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammal and daughter Kanimozhi and others.

[Source: Times of India, 26.04.2014]  

[26.04.2014]Docomo to leave India, with a loss of $1.3 billion.

Japan’s biggest mobile operator NTT Docomo has decided to leave India, by selling it’s stake in the Tata Teleservices. Docomo acquired 26.5% stake in Tata Teleservices between 2009 and 2011. Now it is selling it’s stake to the Tata Group at half price, i.e., at $ 1.3 billion. The original price of these stake is $2.6 billion. In 2013-14, Tata Teleservices incurred a loss of Rs.4,858 crore while it’s debt is Rs.23.491 crore.


[26.04.2014]DoT directs CMD BSNL to take appropriate action on the memorandum submitted by the JAC on the pending problems of the Non-Executives.<<view letter>>


[26.04.2014]CHQ acknowledges and expresses hearty thanks for the donations sent to CHQ by the following comrades / District Unions.<<click here>>


[25.04.2014]Meeting with Director (HR)

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS and com. Saibal Sengupta, AGS met Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) and demanded immediate settlement of the victimisations that hade taken place in Varanasi (UP-East), Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) and WTP (Maharashtra). The representatives requested the Director (HR) to pay attention to the important problems enlisted in the memorandum submitted to the CMD, and to find an amicable solution to the issues. They also reminded him to remove the disparity in the matter of immunity from transfer between Non-Executives and Executives. The Director (HR) assured to do the needful. 


[25.04.2014]Profit of Kerala circle is expected to touch Rs.400 crore.

When BSNL is struggling at the All India level, it is making rapid advances in Kerala circle. The profit of that circle is expected to touch Rs.400 crore for the financial year 2013-14. It is worth mentioning that the profit of Kerala circle was Rs.287 crore in 2012-13. BSNL, in Kerala circle is having a market share of 32.32%. In the land line segment it’s market share is 96.11%. In the financial year 2013-14, BSNL in Kerala has added 10,89,385 cellular connections, 78,619 land line connections, 1,68,433 broadband connections, 18,646 Wimax connections and 50,116 CDMA WLL connections. The CHQ of BSNLEU salutes the employees of Kerala circle, as well as the motivating role being played by BSNLEU and all other unions and associations. The question before us is, if Kerala circle can give such a wonderful performance, then why such a performance could not be given by the employees of other circles? Let every one of us think and act.    

[Source: Business Standard, 25.04.2014]  


[25.04.2014]BSNL is in talks with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio for tower sharing.

BSNL, with it’s 61,000 towers, is the second largest in this portfolio. The Company has already started talks with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio Company for tower sharing agreement, to generate additional revenues. Anupam Srivastava, Direct (CM) of BSNL, has told that the talks were in final stages. He also told that BSNL also wants to share the towers of Reliance Jio, in places where it is not having it’s own towers. Reliance Jio has already entered into tower sharing agreements with many companies, including Airtel and Reliance Communications.

[Source: Business Line, dated 24.04.2014]


[25.04.2014]Good response in State Level Convention of Assam Circle.<<click here>>


[25.04.2014]Meeting of the Committee for Change of Designations postponed.

The meeting of the Committee for Change of Designations, which was scheduled to be held yesterday the 24-04-2014, had to be postponed, in view of the unfortunate death of the son of com.Rajpal, Secretary, NFTE, as well as it's Circle Secretary, NTR. BSNLEU deeply mourns the untimely death. We shall try to reschedule the date of the meeting at the earlist possible.


[24.04.2014]CHQ writes to the Director (HR) on the unsettled victimisations in Varanasi SSA.<<view letter>>


[24.04.2014]CHQ writes to the Director (HR) on special recruitment in the cadre of Sr.TOA(G) for Srinagar SSA.<<view letter>>


[24.04.2014]A brief note on the discussions that took place in the 30th meeting of the National Council held on 23.04.2014.<<click here>>


[23.04.2014]Meeting of the Designation Committee to be held tomorrow the 24.04.2014.

The Committee for Change of Designations of the Non-Executives is meeting tomorrow. The Committee meeting has not taken place for a long time, due to the total negligence on the part of the Management. This is the first meeting, after reconstituting the Committee, with the representation of both the Recognised Unions. We hope that the Management will come forward to settle the issue amicably, and without further loss of time.


[23.04.2014]CHQ writes to CMD BSNL, strongly protesting the decision of the BSNL Board to form a Subsidiary Tower Company.<<view letter>>


[23.04.2014]30th meeting of the National Council held.

The 30th meeting of the National Council took place today the 23-04-2014. Shri A.N.Rai, chairman of the National Council, presided over. In today's meeting the Staff Side strongly protested the indifferent attitude of the Management,  in settling the long pending genuine problems of the Non-Executives, on the plea that the Company is facing a crisis. It was also questioned, how the top officers of the Company continue to incur extravagant expenditures when the Company is facing financial crisis. Further, the repeated statements being made by the CMD BSNL, to give a wrong picture, as if the Company has gone into loss only because of the huge expenditure being incurred for payment of salaries to the employees, was strongly protested by the Staff Side in the meeting. The Management was demanded to start early discussion on the charter of demands submitted to the CMD BSNL on 09-04-2014, and to find an amicable solution to the problems. As regards the decision of the BSNL Board to form a separate Subsidiary Tower Company, as well as the proposal to induct a strategic partner subsequently,  they came under the severe criticism of the Staff Side. The Staff Side recorded it's strong protest for the decisions and demanded to rescind the same. A brief report on the discussions that took place today will be uploaded on the website tomorrow.


[22.04.2014]Corporate Office letter to all CGM's on Empanelment of hospitals at Kolkata and Chennai.<<view letter>>


[22.04.2014]National Council Staff Side meeting held.

As a prelude to the National Council meeting to be held tomorrow the 23.04.2014, a meeting of the Staff Side took place at Dada Ghosh Bhawan. Com. Islam Ahmed, Leader, Staff Side, presided over the meeting. Com. P. Abhimanyu, Secretary Staff Side, welcomed all and explained about the purpose of the meeting. The meeting made a brief review of the last NC meeting deliberations. Thereafter, a detailed discussion took place on the agenda items for the NC meeting to be held tomorrow.


[21.04.2014]Presentation by Management on formation of a subsidiary tower company.


A presentation was made by the Management, to the unions and associations, today the 21.04.2014, on the formation of a subsidiary tower company.  A good number of unions and associations participated. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS and com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS participated on behalf of BSNLEU. In the presentation, Management gave the following informations.



(i)    BSNL is having more than 60,000 towers. But it is unable to earn much revenue from these towers.


(ii)   To earn more revenue from towers, Management has decided to form a subsidiary tower company.


(iii)  Consultant Company, KPMG, was engaged by BSNL for this purpose. KPMG had submitted it’s report.


(iv)  BSNL’s Board of Directors has already taken decision to form a subsidiary tower company, which has been sent to government’s approval. It is before the GoM now.


(v)  After formation of the subsidiary company, a strategic partner will be inducted who will bring in technical expertise as well as capital.


After listening to the presentation, the unions and associations made the following observations.


(i)   It was strongly protested that the BSNL Board had taken decision to form a subsidiary tower company, without taking the unions and associations into confidence.


(ii)   After formation of the tower company, the Management intends to induct a strategic partner, by selling the shares of the subsidiary company to that strategic partner. This is nothing but disinvestment, which ultimately will lead to privatization of the tower company. The unions and associations have expressed their strong protest for this.


The GM (SR) assured that the views of the unions and associations would be taken to the notice of the top Management.

[21.04.2014]Seminar & Felicitation program of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti held at Indore on 14th April, 2014.<<click here>>

[21.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on vacancy position in the grade of JAO/AAO as on 01.03.2014.<<click here>>


[21.04.2014]Corporate Office issues order for revised rate of IDA w.e.f. 01.04.2014.<<click here>>


[21.04.2014]Tamil Nadu circle conducts an impressive convention at Coimbatore.<<click here>>


[19.04.2014]Report on Jharkhand Extended Circle working committee meeting held on 12.04.2014.<<click here>>


[19.04.2014]CAG can audit accounts of private telecom companies-says Supreme Court.

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court has stated that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) can audit the accounts of private telecom companies, upholding the judgement earlier given by the Delhi High Court, on the subject. The Supreme Court has ordered that the CAG can audit the accounts books of private companies, which are doing business, using national wealth or natural resources, on a revenue sharing basis. The background of this case is that, the private telecom companies pay license fee to the government, based on their revenue collection. But it was found out that the private telecom companies are under reporting their revenue, and are cheating the government of it's due share of their revenue collection. Hence, the government took the decision that the CAG would audit the account books of private telecom companies. However, this was challenged by the private telecom companies in the Delhi High Court, which dismissed their petitions. Against the judgement of the Delhi High Court, appeals were made in the Supreme Court. 


The judgement of the Supreme Court is crucial in the sense, that it may be made applicable in sectors like coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc., where private companies are doing business in the natural resources of the country, on a revenue sharing basis. 


[19.04.2014]MTNL to manage and maintain a Confidential Network of the government.

The government is putting in place, a 'Secured and Dedicated Communications Network' (SDCN), for confidential, intra-departmental communications. Central Ministers, beauracrats and top officials of India's security agencies will use this secured network. The management and maintenance of this secured network is to be handled by the MTNL.  Government of India might have felt the compulsion of putting in place such a secured and dedicated network, in view of the fact that the United States is spying the communications of the top most leaders of almost all the countries in the world.


[17.04.2014]West Bengal circle convention on Neo Liberal policies, etc., at Kolkata on 16.04.2014.<<click here>>


[17.04.2014]All India Conference to be held from 6th to 9th November, 2014 at Kolkata.

Decision has already been taken to hold the 7th All India Conference of BSNLEU at Kolkata. The 4 circle unions of West Bengal, Kolkata, Telecom Factory (Kolkata) and Telecom Stores have accepted the responsibly to host the Conference. The reception committee for conducting the AIC has already been formed. The All India Centre meeting which took place at New Delhi yesterday the 16-04-2014, has finalised the dates for the AIC. It will be held from 6th to 9th November, 2014.


[17.04.2014]Discussion on pending issues. 

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Saibal Sengupta, AGS, met Shri R.K. Goyal, GM (Estt.) and discussed about the various pending issues. Especially, discussion took place on issues like removal of hardships in the implementation of NEPP, implementation of E1 pay scale, giving one time relaxation to officials who do not have 10th std. qualification to appear Telecom Mechanic LDCE, rescinding of Corporate Office letter withdrawing one additional increment granted in lieu of Grade IV, granting full 3% additional increment on promotion under NEPP even to officials who are in stagnation, Srinagar Valley allowance were discussed. The union representatives pressed for early settlement of these issues.


[17.04.2014]Foreign investors have pumped Rs.30,000/- crore into Indian share market since 1st February, 2014.   

With the hope that the Narendra Modi led BJP will form the next government at the Centre, Foreign investors (FIIs) have pumped a staggering Rs.30,000/- crore into Indian share market since 1st February, 2014. What is their expectation? Their expectation is that Narendra Modi, after becoming Prime Minister, will put in place such policies which will be helpful for them to loot the people of India. 


[17.04.2014]Supreme Court says that Child Care Leave can be availed continuously for 2 years. 

A woman employee having minor children, can avail Child Care Leave (CCL) for a maximum period of 2 years (730 days). Recently, the Kolkata High Court has passed an order, stating that the rules do not permit a woman employee to avail uninterrupted CCL for 730 days. However, now the Supreme Court has set aside the order of the Kolkata High Court and has held that a woman employee can avail uninterrupted CCL for 730 days. 


[17.04.2014]Most of the Congress and BJP candidates for Lok Sabha elections are crorepatis. 

It is a known fact that the New Liberal Policies being implemented by the Congress and BJP parties are only helping the rich to become richer. As a result, India is now having more number of billionaires than Japan, France, Germany and Switzerland. From the nominations filed for the Lok Sabha elections, it is seen that 86% of Congress Party candidates and 83% of the BJP candidates are crorepatis. How can we expect these crorepatis to work for the poor people of this country?


[17.04.2014]Meeting of Joint Committee to suggest Change in designation of major Non-Executive Cadres will be held on 24-04-2014.<<view letter>>


[16.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on revision of stipend payable to DR TTAs / Sr.TOAs / TMs. 

The Staff Side of the National Council has taken up the item for revising the stipend payable to DR TTAs / Sr.TOAs / TMs, for the forthcoming 30th National Council meeting. Based on this, the Corporate Office has issued clarification to the circles stating that stipend should be revised based on Corporate Office letters dated 05th August, 2005 and 12th November, 2008. Accordingly, 70% of the minimum of the pay scale plus the admissible IDA shall be the stipend payable to the trainees.<<view letter>>  


[16.04.2014]Corporate Office guideline on handling cases, challenging the JTO RR.  

The Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh, vide it’s final order dated 30.01.2014, has rejected the candidature of those who were provisionally allowed to appear the JTO LICE held on 02.06.2013, upholding the provisions of the JTO RR 2001. Corporate Office has directed the circle heads to utilise this judgement of the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh, in dealing with cases filed in different courts, challenging the JTO RR 2001. <<view letter>>


[16.04.2014]A.P.Circle holds Massive Convention at Hyderabad on 16.4.2014.<<click here>>


[16.04.2014]Rajasthan Circle Convention at Jaipur.<<click here>>


[16.04.2014]Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray is appointed as ED (Finance) of BSNL.

Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray, presently working as PGM (Finance), Gujarat, is appointed as the ED (Finance) of BSNL. She is an absorbed IP&T AFS officer. BSNLEU welcomes Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray.<<view letter>>


[16.04.2014]Rs.200/- free SIM cared to all employees.

BSNLEU has taken up issue with the Management, demanding that Rs.200/- free SIM card should be issued to the left out employees also, i.e., those staff who are working in the indoor as well as in offices also. The issue is also taken up by the Staff Side for the forth coming 30th National Council meeting to be held on 23.04.2014. The Corporate Office has called for certain details from the circles, in this regard. All circle secretaries are requested to immediately discuss the issue with the CGMs and arrange to send the inputs without delay.<<view letter>>


[15.04.2014]BSNL to start a technical university which will offer engineering and management courses.

BSNL has initiated steps to start a technical university,  which will offer technical and management courses. It also intends to offer courses on cyber security. The Company will shortly approach the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), as well as the University Grants Commission (UGC) in this regard. BSNL is having very big training institutes at Ghaziabad and at Jabalpur. Apart from this, it is also having training institutes at 16 other places. By utilising this vast infrastructure, obviously  the  Company intends to moblise more resources. Certainly, the initiative being by the Company is a step in the right direction and we welcome it.


[15.04.2014]Airtel and Vodafone hike tariffs

Airtel and Vodafone have secretly hiked tariffs of some of the plans. Airtel has increased tariffs on some of its plans from 45 paise to 50 paise. It's 28 day mobile Internet pack will hereafter be valid for only 25 days. In this manner Vodafone has also modified some of its plans. This tariff hike is expected to result in fare hike by other operators also. Airtel and Vodafone command 52% market share.


[15.04.2014]National Council meeting rescheduled.  It will be held on 23-04-2014.
The National Council meeting has been notified to be held on 22-04-2014. The meeting is now rescheduled, and will be held on 23-04-2014. All members of the National Council are requested to make note of the change of date, and are requested to reschedule their journey accordingly. <<click here>>

[15.04.2014]Staff Side meeting of the National Council will be held on 22-04-2014.

In view of the change in the date of the meeting of the National Council, the date of the meeting of the Staff Side also stands modified. The Staff Side meeting will now take place on 22-04-2014. The time and venue remains the same. National Council members are requested to make note of this change.

[15.04.2014]Designations Committee meeting will be held on 24-04-2014.

Notification has already been issued by the Management to hold the meeting of the Designations Committee on 23-04-2014. This meeting stands postponed and will be held on 24-04-2014. Committee members are requested to make note of this change in the date.


[14.04.2014]BSNLEU pays it's respectful homage to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar - 14.04.2014


BSNLEU pays it's respectful homage and rich tributes to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, on the occasion of his 123rd birth anniversary. The Indian Constitution is the contribution of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, which greatly helps the country to continue as a modern democracy in the present day world.

He was a great social reformer, who selflessly dedicated his entire life in crusading against the atrocities being meted out to the dalits and other oppressed sections of the society. The CEC meeting, held at Rajkot, has rightly called upon our units to observe Dr.B.R.Ambedkar's birth anniversary in a befitting manner. On this day, let us take the resolution to work to complete the unfinished goals of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. 

[14.04.2014]Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations writes to Secretary, DoT on 78.2% IDA fixation benefit to pensioners who retired before 10.06.2013.<<view letter>>

[12.04.2014]The 6th Bihar circle conference successfully held at Muzaffarpur.<<click here>>

[12.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on details of Departmental JAOs - 2010 batch for the purpose of Seniority List in the Grade of AAOs/JAOs.<<view letter>> <<annexure>>

[12.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on calculation of vacancies for Compassionate Ground Appointments.<<view letter>>

[11.04.2014]Successful convention held at Chhattisgarh circle on Neo Liberal Policies, communal harmony, etc.<<click here>>


[11.04.2014]Modify Presidential Order on payment of 78.2% IDA merger - Forum resolves to raise the demand before the DoT.

The meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations was held on 09-04-2014, reviewed the issue of revision of pension to the retirees, based on 78.2% IDA merger. It is learnt that the settlement of the issue is getting delayed in view of the fact that the Department of Expenditure has raised certain queries to the DoT, on it's proposal to revise pension notionally from 01-01-2007 and payment from 10-06-2013. It is learnt that the Dept. of Expenditure has asked the DoT, how pension could be fixed on notional basis. The meeting of the Forum discussed the issue at length and came to the conclusion that the Presidential Directive issued by the DoT on 10-06-2013 is the root cause for all the problems, wherein it is mentioned that fixation of 78.2% IDA merger would be done notionally from 01-01-2007 and payment would be made only from 10-06-2013. Hence,  the meeting unanimously decided to demand the DoT, to modify it's Presidential Order issued on 10-06-2013, to the effect that actual payment on 78.2% IDA merger will be made from 01-01-2007 itself,  both for the serving employees,  as well as for the pensioners. It is decided to seriously persue this case with the DoT. 


[11.04.2014]Decision to go on struggle, for the revival of BSNL, is to be taken after the formation of the new government at the centre - Forum meeting decides.

The Forum meeting, held on 09-04-2014, reviewed the financial condition of BSNL, as well as the demands raised in the memorandum submitted by the Forum, for the revival of BSNL. Neither the government nor the BSNL Management has taken any step so far in this regard. It was strongly felt that going on struggles was unavoidable to pressurise the government and the Management to take action on the memorandum.  However, in view of the on going elections to the Lok Sabha, it is decided that decision to go on struggles would be taken after formation of the new government at the centre.

[11.04.2014]Successful convention held at Punjab circle on Neo-Liberal Policies, their impact on BSNL, Communal Harmony and Ten Point Demand Charter of Central Trade Unions.<<click here>>

[09.04.2014]Copy of the Memorandum on the long pending demands of the Non-Executives, submitted to the CMD BSNL, by JAC, today the 09.04.2014.<<view memorandum>> 

[09.04.2014]JAC of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives submitted memorandum to the CMD BSNL.

Representatives of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Union and Associations of the Non-Executives met shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD BSNL, today the 09.04.2014 and submitted a Memorandum on the long pending demands of the Non-Executives. The delegation of the representatives consisted of com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU and Convenor, JAC, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU, com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE and President, JAC, com. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO and Joint Convenor, JAC, com. R.C. Pandey, GS, BTEU and Financial Secretary, JAC, com. Pawan Meena, GS, SNATTA and Joint Convenor, JAC, com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, com. Abdus Samad, Dy.GS, TEPU, com. R.K. Kohli, GS, NFTBE and com. R.S. Yadav, Jt. Secretary, BSNL ATM. The representatives insisted upon the CMD BSNL to look into the problems and to ensure an early and amicable settlement. The CMD BSNL assured to do the needful.<<view photo>> 

[09.04.2014]Corporate Office writes to all the CGM’s to send details of the employees who are granted with the temporary status before 30.09.2000 and regularised after 01.10.2000.<<view letter>>

[08.04.2014]Submission of memorandum and Lunch hour demonstration at Corporate Office on 09.04.2014. 

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives will submit a memorandum to the CMD BSNL on 09.04.2014, on the burning problems of the Non-Executives.  A lunch hour demonstration will also take place in the Corporate Office on that day. All the General Secretaries are requested to participate in these programme.


[08.04.2014]Amit Shah spits communal venom in UP.

Amit Shah, General Secretary of BJP has spitted communal venom in Uttar Pradesh. In his speech at Bijnor on 4th April, he had spoken that Mayawati had given 19 poll tickets to the people of a particular community, who rape women and kill men and youth. Such speeches are aimed at further inciting communal violence and thereby dividing people. BSNLEU severely condemns the speech of Amit Shah. (Times of India dated 08.04.2014).<<view report>>


[08.04.2014]Class on Trade Union history conducted.

As a part of the two day trade union class, being organised by the K.G. Bose Memorial and ducation Trust, a class on trade union history was conducted today by Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU. The history of World Trade Union Movement, Indian Trade Union Movement and the P&T Trade Union Movement was explained in today’s class. With this topic, the today class came to an end. Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, concluded the class by conveying CHQ’s gratitude to the circle unions for utilising the class in an effecting manner.<<view photo>>  


[08.04.2014]Indore district union donated Rs.31,000/-.

Indore district union donated Rs.31,000/- as CHQ fund. Com. Prakash Sharma, District Secretary, Indore handed over the cheque today to the CHQ in the trade union class conducted at K.G. Bose Bhawan.<<view photo>>


[07.04.2014]K.G.Bose Memorial and Education Trust conducts trade union class at New Delhi.

A two day trade union class, by the K.G.Bose Memorial and Education Trust, started today. The classes took place in the auditorium of K.G.Bose Bhawan, New Delhi. Comrades from Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh,  Jharkhnad, UP (East), UP (West), Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and Corporate Office participated in the class. Each circle participated in the class with their allotted number of students. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, president, welcomed all the comrades. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, spoke briefly on the need for conducting the trade union class. Thereafter, the class started. Today's first class was conducted by com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, on "Neo Liberal Policies and their impact on Telecom Sector." In the post lunch session, class on "Communal Harmony" was conducted by professor Rajeev Kunwar of Delhi University. At the end of each class, questions were raised by the students, which were answered by the teachers.<<< views of the class>>>

[07.04.2014]Convention as resolved by the CEC Rajkot was conducted jointly by the BSNLEU TF & TS Circle Kolkata.<click here>>

[05.04.2014]Karnataka circle conducts convention on Neo-Liberal policies, communal harmony and 10 point charter of demands at Hubli.<<click here>>

[05.04.2014]DPE issued order on IDA w.e.f. 01.04.2014.<<click here>>


[04.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on  various issues raised by the Unions and Associations.<<click here>>


[04.04.2014]US and European Union play dirty politics in Ukraine - Editorial of Tele Crusader April, 2014.<<click here>> 

[04.04.2014]US secretly built Twitter like network to stir unrest in Cuba.

The United States is preaching about democracy and human rights to the entire world. But it is the number one country in murdering democracy in other countries, which it does not like. The Associated Press, has now exposed how the US tries to topple the progressive government in Cuba. We reproduce hereunder excerpts from today’s Times of India in this regard. 

“The US government masterminded the creation of a “Cuban Twitter” – a communications network, designed to undermine the communist govt. in Cuba, built with secret shell companies and financed through foreign banks, the Associated Press has learned. First, the network would build a Cuban audience, mostly young people, then the plan was to push them towards dissent. Yet, its users were neither aware it was created by a US agency with ties to the State Department, nor that American contractors were gathering personal data about them, in the hope that the information might be used some day for political purposes.” 

- Times of India 04.04.2014


[03.04.2014]CMD's DO letter regarding settlement of pre 2006 CDA pension revision cases.<<view letter>> 


[03.04.2014]Corporate Office calls for applications for finalising panel of coaches.<<click here>>


[03.04.2014]Shri John A Thomas will look after as ED (Finance), BSNL.

Consequent to the retirement of Smt. Geeta Rau, ED (Finance), Corporate Office has issued letter stating that Shri John A Thomas, PGM (IA&ENT), Corporate Office, will look after as ED (Finance).<<view letter>> 


[02.04.2014]BSNL endorses DoT letter on CGHS facilities to BSNL retirees.<<click here>>


[02.04.2014]Trade Union Classes to be held at New Delhi on 7th and 8th April – Circle Secretaries to note please.

It is already intimated that the K.G. Bose Memorial and Education Trust is holding trade union classes at K.G. Bose Bhawan, New Delhi, on 7th and 8th April, 2014, for the North Indian Circles. CHQ has also already intimated the names of the circles and the number of seats allotted to each circle. The circle secretaries are requested to inform the General Secretary through SMS immediately, the actual number of comrades attending the classes from their circles, as well as the date and time of their arrival. The classes will start at 1000 hrs on 7th April and will be over at 1400 hrs on 8th April.


[02.04.2014]The Circle Executive Committee meeting and Convention of NTR Circle.

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of NTR circle was held in the CTO Sabhaghar today the 02.04.2014. Com. H.L. Makkar, Circle President, presided over the meeting. As a part of this meeting a convention on Neo Liberal Policies, Communal Harmony and the 10 point charter of demands of the Central Trade Unions. The convention was addressed by Com. Saibal Sengupta, AGS, com. R.S. Chauhan and com. Chhidu Singh, Asst. Circle Secretary. Nearly 200 comrades attended the convention. 


[02.04.2014]Corporate Office letter on 2nd amendment to BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules.<<click here>> <<annexure>>


[02.04.2014]Madhya Pradesh circle conducts successful convention as per the decision of Rajkot CEC.<<click here>>


[02.04.2014]Corporate Office has issued letter on formation of Standing Committee.

BSNLEU has been insisting upon the Management for early formation of the Standing Committee of the National Council. Corporate Office has now issued the letter. BSNLEU will have 3 members and NFTE will have 2 members in the Committee.<<view letter>> 


[01.04.2014]Meeting with Director (HR).

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Saibal Sengupta, AGS met Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) and discussed the following issues.


(1)      Immunity from transfer at par with Executives.

It was demanded that the office-bearers of the recognised unions of Non-Executives should be granted immunity from transfers for three years, as is being given for the Executives. (This demand is already rejected by the GM (SR).


(2)     Change of designations.

Management should consider without further delay, the change of designations of the Non-Executives. (The designations committee meeting is taking place on 23.04.2014)


(3)       5 years of qualifying service for appearing JTO LICE.

The present qualifying service for appearing JTO LICE should be reduced to atleast 5 years.


(4)      One time relaxation for appearing Telecom Mechanic LDCE.

As a one time relaxation, the RMs and Group ‘D’s, who are not having 10th std. qualification should be allowed to appear the Telecom Mechanic LDCE.


(5)      Remitting CHQ quota of union subscription through RTGS.

Corporate Office should issue a circular to all the CGMs, directing the DDOs to remit quota of union subscription to the CHQ through RTGS.


(6)     Srinagar Valley Allowance.

Following the order issued by the DoP&T, the BSNL Board should immediately take decision for the extension of Srinagar Valley Allowance.


(7)      Implementation of the settlement reached on correct implementation of NEPP.

The settlement reached on 18.10.2013, in respect of correct implementation of NEPP should be implemented without further delay.


(8)       Harassments of GM, Jamshedpur.

Corporate Office should ensure to immediately stop the harassments of GM Jamshedpur.


The Director (HR) assured to look into all these issues and to take appropriate action.


[01.04.2014]Meeting with GM (NOFN).

Com.P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. Sebastin, GS (SNEA) and com. Saibal Sengupta, AGS met Shri Ranjan Ghosh, GM (NOFN) and discussed the impact that BBNL will have on the future of BSNL. Various doubts being raised by the employees regarding BBNL were also got clarified. More discussions in this regard may be required.


[01.04.2014]Meeting with Sr.GM (BFCI).

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Saibal Sengupta, AGS met Smt. Yojna Das, Sr.GM (BFCI) and discussed the following issues.


(1) The representatives pointed out that the EMI amount being recovered from the employees, towards bank loans, are not being remitted to the banks, by 10th of every month, which results in imposition of penal interest on the employees. This delay, it is being told at the SSA level, is due to non-allotment of fund from Corporate Office.