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(The Recognised Union in BSNL)
(Regd under ITU Act 1926,Regn No 4896)
CHQ : Dada Ghosh Bhawan ,1 Patel Nagar Road,New Delhi-110008
 Phone:25705385,25894100 Fax:25894862


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Our Office-bearers

Com. J.N. Mishra

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri

Com. P. Abhimanyu

Com. S.C. Bhattacharya


Wage Revision

06.01.2010 [06.01.2010]Wage Revision Committee meeting will be held on 07.01.2010 <<click here>>

[31.12.2009]Meeting with Chairman, Wage Committee:- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU along with Coms. K.R. Yadav, Vice-President and S.C. Bhattacharjee, Treasurer met Shri S.R. Kapoor, ED (Finance), Chairman, Wage Committee as also Shri Ram Kumar, ED (CN) and discussed about the necessity of increasing the span of payscales and against abolition of uniform and connected allowances. The next meeting of Wage Committee is fixed for 5th January, 2010.

25.12.2009 [25.12.2009]Wage Meeting on 24th December 2009 <<click here>>  <<Hindi>>
23.12.2009 [23.12.2009]Wage Meeting on 23-12-2009 <<click here>>



[19.12.2009]In the Wage committee meeting held on 18-12-2009, we have raised the following issues:

a)     Casual Labour wages on the basis of Group 'D' pay scale.

b)     Payment of statutory wages & implementation of statutory facilities for contract labour

c)     50% IDA merger and Revision of Pension for BSNL retirees.

d)     Pension issues of BSNL Recruitees.

08.12.2009 [08.12.2009]Wage Negotiation held on 8-12-2009 – Salient Points <<click here>>

Wage Committee Meeting on 4th December 2009 – Salient Points:- In the Wage Negotiation Committee meeting held on 4th December 2009, the following consensus has been reached:

1. The span of pay scales will be increased from the present 15 to 18 years span in all scales (Management proposed only 12  years span earlier). Wherever possibility of stagnation is there, the span will be increased.


2. The multiplication factor will be 1.91 as in the case of executives. In the case of the NE I scale, multiplication factor may be increased to 2.


3. Negotiation on Allowances/Perks has started. It will continue in the next meeting.


4. The next meeting will be held on 8th December 2009.


[26.11.2009]Meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee is held today. Discussions continued on the construction of new pay scales, including the span. Staff side strongly argued that the conversion factor should be at least 2, whereas the management side was not prepared to accept anything more than 1.91.After discussion, management side said that they wanted some more time for their internal discussion. Hence, today's meeting ended without taking any decision. Next meeting will take place on 04-12-2009. In that meeting along with payscales, revision of perks and allowances will also be discussed.

24.11.2009 [24.11.2009]The next meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee will be held at 1600 hrs. tomorrow the 26.11.2009.
21.11.2009 [21.11.2009] A brief on the recent discussions on wage revision <<<click here>>>

[20.11.2009] Meeting of Wage Negotiation on 19th November, 2009 :- Meeting of the wage committee was held on 19th November, 2009. Discussions were held on how the revised scales can be constructed. Various suggestions on conversion factor, span of scales, stagnation increments etc. were discussed. Discussions are inconclusive. Next meeting will be held in next week.


[14.11.2009] Wage Negotiation Committee meeting will be held on 17-11-2009, as per schedule. <<click here>>



29.10.2009 [29.10.2009]Hard Bargaining for a Better Wage Agreement <<click here>>

[13.10.2009]Brief of the wage negotiation meeting on 13th October 2009:- After detailed discussion in the wage negotiation meeting today ,13th October 2009, the management proposed the following:

1.     30% fitment with 10 year periodicity with 68.8% IDA for the present and raising to 78.2% with executives

2.     If period of wage revision is reduced to executives, it will be done for non-executives also.

3.     There can be a review after 5 years.

The Unions demanded review after 5 years without mentioning the periodicity. The next meeting will take place after Diwali.


[08.10.2009]Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 08.09.2009 under the Chairmanship of Shri S.R. Kapoor, ED(Fin.), on 'Wage Revision for Non-executive Employees in BSNL & follow up meeting held on 09.09.09<<click here>>

06.10.2009 [06.10.2009] HLL Workers reject 10 year periodicity:- Hindustan Latex Limited management offered 30% fitment on basic, 21% personal pay and 3% extra for 10 year period. The union has rejected the offer since it is for 10 year period. They want 5 year periodicity.

[05.10.2009]Wage Negotiation Meeting on 13th October, 2009: - Next Wage Negotiation meeting will be held at 14.30 hours on 13th October, 2009. All efforts are being made for an early settlement. <<click here>>


[01.10.2009]Next meeting of the Wage Negotiation:- Next meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee is fixed on the 13th / 14th October, 2009. We tried to hold it on 1st October, 2009. Since some of the management side members of the committee are on leave, it did not materialize. Again, the Chairman of the Wage Negotiation Committee is going on leave (going abroad on a personal visit) for a week. Hence, the delay is convening the meeting.

11.09.2009 [11.09.2009]Wage Revision – Where we stand? <<click here>>

[09.09.2009]Wage Negotiations – Discussion held on 09.09.2009:- In the Wage Negotiation Committee meeting held on 08.09.2009, a lengthy discussion took place on the question of periodicity of wage revision. While the Staff Side strongly argued for a 5 year agreement, management maintained that only a ten year agreement was possible. To break the dead-lock, an alternative suggestion was given by the staff side.

The suggestion of the Staff Side was further discussed today the 09.09.2009, by two representatives each from the Staff Side and the official side. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri and Com. R. Venkataraman were from the Staff Side and GM (SR) and GM (Esst.) were from the management side. After prolonged discussions, it was agreed to place the following suggestion of the staff side for the consideration of the Management.



[09.09.2009]Wage Negotiation Meeting on 08.09.2009:– The meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee was held on 8th September, 2009. All the staff side representatives were present. The unions firmly insisted for five years agreement. The management reiterated their earlier position of ten years agreement, which was not at all acceptable to unions. After lengthy discussion, a suggestion is made that a clause can be included in the agreement to consider the issue of next wage revision after five years. This issue will be further discussed on 09.09.2009 in a meeting consisting of two representatives of each from the management and the unions.

04.09.2009 [04.09.2009] Meeting on Wage Revision Committee on 08.09.2009 <<click here>>

[14.08.2009]Wage Negotiation Meeting on 13.08.2009:- Meeting on wage negotiation was held under the Chairmanship of Shri S.R. Kapoor, Executive Director (Finance), BSNL. Shri Ram Kumar, Executive Director (CN) and other officers were present. All the Staff Side members of the wage negotiation committee were present. 


Wage Revision: General Secretary requested CMD that Director (HRD) be appointed as the Chairman of the Wage negotiation committee in place of Shri R.K.Batra, PGM (IR) who retired on 30-06-2009. CMD agreed to examine the proposal in consultation with Director (HRD).

20.06.2009 [20.06.2009]Wage negotiation of non-executive employees in BSNL - Minutes of the meeting held on 05.06.2009 <<click here>>

Wage Negotiation meeting on 05.06.2009:- In the meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee held on 05.06.2009, the management side informed that the issue of 5 year periodicity for wage agreement was referred to DoT on 03.06.2009 for its approval. The union pressed the management to agree for fitment benefit on par with top executives, on Pay+78.2% of pay instead of Pay+68.8% of pay. The Management Side said that for BSNL executives, the issue of granting fitment benefit on Pay+78.2% of pay was not yet decided by the management. Union said that in several PSUs this was already accepted and implemented for the executives. Management agreed to examine. Discussion took place on the demands like increment at the rate of 5% on basic pay, Grant of two increments for pay fixation on promotion, perks and allowances on par with executives and pension scheme for BSNL recruitees. The discussion was inconclusive. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, Com. P. Asokababu, AGS, and Com. K.R. Yadav, Vice President, represented the BSNLEU. Next meeting of the committee is likely to be held in next week.


[02.06.2009] Wage Revision discussions to resume:- The Staff Side walked out from the meeting of the Wage Revision Committee on 22nd April, 2009, due to the negative attitude adopted by the Management, on the question of Interim Relief and implementation of the New HRA Rates. However, a settlement is reached between the United Forum and the management on 18.05.2009, in the back drop of the two day's strike notice issued by the United Forum. Consequent upon this settlement, management has fixed date for holding the meeting of the Wage Revision Committee on 5th June, 2009.

06.05.2009 [06.05.09]  EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM ON STRIKE DEMANDS   <<click here>>  <<Hindi Version>>
02.05.2009 [02.05.09] Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 22.04.2009 <<click here>>
28.04.2009 [28.04.09]Workers will isolate those who support management  offer on wage revision <<click here>> <<Hindi version>> 
15.04.2009 Wage Negotiation Dated 15-04-09  <<Hindi version>>
15.04.2009 [15.04.2009] PAMPHLET ON WAGE REVISION: Circle/ District/ Branch Secretaries are requested to translate it in local languages and give wide publicity among all employees to prepare for struggle to achieve a better Wage Revision.<<click here>> <<Hindi version>>
08.04.2009 A brief note on wage revision talks held on 08.04.2009<<click here>>
09.04.2009 A letter to CMD BSNL - Wage Revision for Non-Executive Employees in BSNL <<click here>>
08.04.2009 A letter to PGM (IR) BSNL - Wage Revision for BSNL non-executives - Periodicity and fitment formula <<click here>>
01.04.2009 Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 01.04.2009 <<click here>>
  Note on Wage Negotiation <<click here>> <<Hindi version>>
31.03.2009 Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 30.03.2009<<click here>>

Wage Negotiation to re-start next week: - Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU met Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) and Shri R.K. Batra, PGM (IR), and Chairman, Wage Revision Committee and demanded early meeting on wage revision as per strike agreement. Both agreed to start the discussion early. It is expected that the meeting will be held by next week.


 Meeting with CMD on Wage Revision:- A meeting  of United Forum leaders was held with CMD BSNL& Director(HRD) today, 29th April at 12 hours.  CMD wanted to know our demands on HRA & Interim Relief. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU & other leaders explained our demands in detail. The Management offered 4 months basic pay as I.R.. Staff side stated that this is inadequated and not  acceptable. On HRA issue the management was not prepared to issue orders stating that there  is a difference between Government decissions on VI CPC recommendations and IInd Pay Revision Committee recomandations. The staff side demanded issue of early orders on HRA  w.e.f.  November 2008 as ordered in the case of executives. No decision could be arrived at as the mangement was not prepared to accept our demands. From BSNLEU in addition to General Secretay, Com. K.R.Yadav and Com S.C Bhattacharya attended.


CONGRATULATIONS: - United Forum and CHQ-BSNLEU convey warm congratulations to all non-executive employees of BSNL for massive participation in to-day’s (24.04.2009) Mass-Fast while on duty wearing black badges. Report of massive demonstrations and successful observance of the programme has been received from all parts of the country. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU and other leaders of United Forum addressed a massive gathering at Corporate Office (New Delhi) during recess period. They called for intensifying the struggle and make the strike on 19 – 20 May a resounding success. 

The strike notice and successful observance of to-day’s programme has already created impact on the BSNL management. Director (HRD) called the union for discussion. He offered 4 months’ Basic Pay as IR. Union emphatically told the management that less than 4 months’ Basic + D.P. is not acceptable as IR, Union also demanded that revised rates of HRA be paid according to Central Govt. rates from the same date i.e. September’08. Union also forcefully argued for 5 years wage agreement with fitment benefit at per with executives. The discussion is still inconclusive. Get prepared for the coming struggles including May 19-20 strike.


Interim Relief – Discussion with Director (HRD):- Director (HRD) held an emergent meeting with the representative union BSNLEU today. He proposed an advance equal to 4 months basic pay. But we did not agree and said we can accept Interim Relief in case an amount equal to 4 months Pay + Dearness Pay is paid as advance. Director (HRD) said he would discuss with CMD and will inform the union latest by Monday. Regarding fitment benefit and periodicity, discussions are to be held in the next meeting of Wage Negotiation. Be prepared for struggle to achieve fitment benefit on par with executives along with 5 year periodicity.


Prepare for struggle for better wage revision:- In the meeting of the wage negotiation held today, 15th April 2009, the management proposed that for five year period agreement, fitment benefit would be less than 30% but it can be bargained. Union demanded that the fitment benefit should be as per executives with five year periodicity also. Management side proposed three times of basic pay as advance, The Union rejected it and demanded that it should be a substantial amount. The official side will discuss with the management the demand of the staff side and will hold next meeting shortly. The Unions threatened strike if the justified demands of the workers are not accepted. Let us be prepared for serious struggle if the management does not agree for our demands.


Wage Negotiation Meeting held on 02.04.2009 : - In the emergent wage negotiation committee meeting held on 2.04.2009, the management side proposed fitment benefit on par with executives (30% on pay + 68.8% DA on 01.01.2007) for 10 year wage agreement, and proposed 10% fitment benefit for 5 year agreement. Union demanded and argued strongly for 5 year agreement with fitment benefit on par with executives. The union demanded interim relief at the rate of 50% of pay or Rs.3000/- per month, whichever is more, w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Management side said, interim relief can be decided on the basis of decision on fitment formula. Next meeting will be held on 08.04.2009.


Wage Revision Meeting on 01.04.2009: - The third meeting of the Wage Revision Committee meeting was held today, 1st April, 2009 under the Chairmanship of Shri R.K. Batra, PGM(IR), BSNL. After much discussion, the official side agreed for wage agreement for 5 years periodicity the details of which will be discussed later. With regard to the demand of the Staff Side for Interim Relief either 50% of the pay or Rs.3000/- whichever is more, the official side agreed to recommend to the management for grant of Interim Relief, the details of which will be worked out. The Staff Side demanded early decision on HRA at CGE rates viz 30%, 20%, 10%. This will be further discussed. Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, P. Abhimanyu, P. Ashoka Babu, K.R. Yadav and G. Mathpati attended from BSNLEU. The next meeting of the committee will be held on 8th April, 2009. - V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary


Wage Negotiation:- In the wage Revision Committee Meeting held on 30.03.2009, we have demanded for settlement of 3 issues first – five year periodically for Wage Revision, interim relief and HRA. Management side stated that these issues will be examined in their internal meeting on 31.03.2009 and thereafter on 01.04.2009  the Wage Revision Committee meeting will be held.


Only Recognised Union can negotiate with management on Interim Relief. BSNL informs NFTE, FNTO, BSNL, vide letter no. BSNL/7-4/SR/2009 dated 27.03.2009 has informed  the unrecognized unions like NFTE, FNTO, etc. that the management can negotiate the issue of Interim Relief only with the Recognised Union and not with the unrecognized unions. This letter is issued in the back drop of certain unrecognized unions having given call to conduct demonstrations on 30.03.2009, demanding payment of Interim Relief.

26.03.2009 Wage Negotiation to start next week and will be continued till agreement is reached <<click here>>
18.03.2009 wage revision (News) <<click here>>


Telegram campaign demanding immediate wage revision regarding  <<click here>>


Wage Negotiation starts in BSNL<<click here>>
  BSNLEU has finalised its draft memorandum for the next pay revision.  We place it   on our website  for the information of our members .
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