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(The Recognised Union in BSNL)
(Regd under ITU Act 1926,Regn No 4896)
CHQ : Dada Ghosh Bhawan ,1 Patel Nagar Road,New Delhi-110008
 Phone:25705385,25894100 Fax:25894862

Our Office-bearers

Com. J.N. Mishra

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri

Com. P. Abhimanyu

Com. S.C. Bhattacharya



Office Bearers elected unanimously in the 4th AIC at Mumbai: 13-16 February, 2008.

President              : Com. J.N. Mishra [Guwahati, Assam]

Vice President          : Com. Adhir Kumar Sen [TS, Kolkata]

                       : Com. J.M. Prajapati [ Gujarat]

                       : Com. Sahadev Biswal [Orissa]

                       : Com. G.B. Salakki [Karnataka]

                       : Com. K.R. Yadav [Lucknow, UP (East)]

                       : Com. S.D. Chaudhari [TF, Mumbai]

General Secretary       : Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri

Dy. General Secretary    : Com. P. Abhimanyu [Puducherry, TN]

Asst. General Secretaries : Com. Mihir Dasgupta [Kolkata]

                       : Com. P. Asokababu [Hyderabad, AP]

                       : Com.R. Muralidharan Nair [Kerala]

                       : Com. Swapan Chakraborty [NE-I]

                       : Com. Ganesh Mathpati [Mumbai, MH]

Treasurer              : Com. S.C. Bhattacharya [Chhattisgarh]

Asst. Treasurer         : Com. P.B. Dobhal [Uttaranchal]

Org. Secretaries        : Com. Biplab Das [West Bengal]

                      : Com. R.L. Moudgil [Punjab]

                      : Com. R.S. Chouhan [Delhi NTR]

                      : Com. Sunithi Choudhary [Bihar]

                      : Com. R. Gunasekaran [Chennai]

                      : Com. Sukhvir Singh [UP (West)]

                      : Com. Sriram Tiwari [Madhya Pradesh]

                      : Com. Gulapi Singh [NE-II]

                      : Com. A.S. Kaundal [Himachal Pradesh]    







1st AIC: 21-22 March 2001 Visakhapatnam [AP]

2nd AIC: 2-5 June 2003 Lucknow [U P –East]

3rd AIC: 26-29 January 2006 Guwahati [Assam]

4th AIC: 13-16 February 2008 Mumbai [Maharashtra]


The fist and formation Conference was held at Visakhapatnam on 21-22nd March 2001.

The Second Conference was held at Lucknow on
2-5th June 2003. AIC was inaugurated by
Com. E. Balanandan, President, CITU. AIC discussed all issues of BSNL workers and organisational matters. Decided to continue agitations opposing Privatisation/Disinvestment. Unanimously elected office-bearers with Coms. J.N. Mishra (President), V.A.N. Namboodiri (General Secretary), P. Abhimanyu (Dy. General Secretary) and Nafe Singh (Treasurer).

The Third All India Conference was held in Guwahati on 26-29 January 2006 jointly hosted by Assam, NE-I and NE-II Circles. The AIC was inaugurated by Com. Chittabrata Majumdar, General Secretary CITU. The Conference decided to strengthen the unity of the workers through United Forum and Joint Forum to prepare them for bigger fight against disinvestment and unbundling of last mile copper. The Conference unanimously re-elected Coms. J.N. Mishra, VAN Namboodiri, P. Abhimanyu and Nafe Singh as President, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The Fourth All India Conference was held in Mumbai (Mulund West) on 13-16 February 2008 hosted by Maharashtra Circle. The AIC was inaugurated by Com. M.K. Pandhe, President CITU. Shri A. Raja, Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT greeted the Conference with his august presence. The Conference decided to strengthen the unity of the workers through United Forum and Joint Forum to save BSNL. The Conference given a call of: UNITY FOR STRUGGLE - STRUGGLE FOR UNITY - UNITY AND STRUGGLE TO ADVANCE. The message of the Conference is: SERVE THE PEOPLE - FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS - SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF STRUGGLE. The Conference unanimously re-elected Coms. J.N. Mishra, VAN Namboodiri & P. Abhimanyu as President, General Secretary & Deputy General Secretary. Com. S.C. Bhattacharya has been elected as Treasurer .



1.       26th May 2001 New Delhi [ Office Bearers]

2.       13 - 15 September 2001 Kolkata

3.       28th February 2002 New Delhi [ Office Bearers]

4.       8 – 10, April 2002 Mandya [Karnatka]

5.       3 – 5 August 2002 Aurangabad [Maharashtra]

6.       26 – 27 October 2002 Kolkata

7.       1st June 2003 Lucknow [Uttar Pradesh East ]

8.       25-26 August 2003 New Delhi

9.       20-21 January 2004 Hyderabad [AP]

10.   17-19 July 2004 Pondicherry

11.   10-11 December 2004 New Delhi

12.   7 - 9 March 2005 Ludhiana [Punjab]

13.   15-17 June 2005 Pune [Maharashtra]

14.   21-22 October 2005 Kanyakumari [Tamilnadu]

15. 21-23 August 2006 Calicut [Kerala]

16. 6-8 February 2007 Bijapur [Karnataka]

17. 21-23 August 2007 Bhubaneswar [Orissa]

  CHQ Functioning

BSNLEU CHQ publishes three monthly journals viz Telecrusader, BSNL SWAR (Hindi) and Telemessage which are circulated widely among BSNL workers, irrespective of union affiliation. Inspite of much financial difficulties, the journals are being published regularly. In addition, regular circulars are being issued to enable the workers to get the latest information.

Fight against Privatisation

The most important issue before the union is to save the workers from the disinvestment / privatisation of BSNL. The privatisation policy of government is destroying the future and job security of lakhs and lakhs of workers. It is against the interest of the people and country itself. BSNLEU is committed to fight the anti-worker policies of government.


3. BSNL Board held 6 meetings with Joint Committee. In addition a core committee with Sr. DDG (Personnel), Sr.DDG (EFC) and DDG (SR) held several meetings with the Joint Committee. Before and after these meeting Joint Committee held its internal meeting. A sub committee of General Secretaries were also formed to work out / calculate pay scale etc. in addition to GS, Dy. GS and other office bearers also participated in the discussions.

Main Demands

4. The main demands initially placed by the Joint Committee were as follows:
(1) MTNL Pay scales (2) Point to Point Fixation (3) payment of Govt. Pension and (4) No Disinvestment of BSNL. Management rejected the demand of MTNL scales. Instead they suggested the pay scales of ‘RITES’, a Railway converted PSU, which were very low and not accepted to the committee. It was rejected outright. Many alternative proposals were put forth both by the unions as well as the management. The Joint Committee unanimously decided to demand pay scales with a minimum scale of 4400-185-6250. Thereafter, the negotiations reached a crucial stage. In the meeting held on 7-03-02, management proposed sets of pay scales, one with 1:1 fixation formula. At this stage all other unions wanted to accept the proposal. But we told them not to be hasty and that the proposal has to be studied well. On studying the management’s proposals that out of the eleven pay scales (NE-1 to NE-11) the last five scales (NE-7 to NE-11) starting pay is not sufficient and required to be improved. This view of the BSNLEU was accepted by all other unions and the Joint Committee unanimously demanded to raise the starting pay of the NE-7, NE-8, NE-9, NE-10 and NE-11 scales.

OPG’s Dubious role

5. Our criticism about OPG’s pro-management role was once again substantiated. He deviated from the demands unanimously adopted by JC and placed his own views, which were pro-management to say the least. Alone he went to management without informing others, for making changes which are against the interest of workers. Even before an agreement was made, OPG gave a letter to the management accepting the management proposal with thanks. When there was strong protest from all unions, he expressed regret as if nothing happened. This happened more than once. He insisted that point to point fixation cannot be achieved. He was opposing more than Rs. 3400/- for group ‘D’ (SE-I_. Even in the last he tried to change the draft agreement without consulting others. Our eternal vigilance saved the situation every time.

Salient Points

6. After very hard bargaining, agreement was signed on 26-04-2002 by all the unions except NTSU. The salient points of the agreement are:
(1) CDA scales replaced by IDA scales (2) Point to Point fixation accepted (3) date of effect from 1-10-2000 (4) Industrial DA (IDA) as on 1-10-2000 will be 28% as being calculated for PSUs. It will be revised after every 3 months viz. in January, April, July and October. (5) A minimum of Rs. 1500/- was assured to all officials (6) OTBP / BCR / Grade IV / ACP and other promotions will continue (60 HRA / CCA will be revised from 1-10-2000 based on the new pay (7) Perks will continue as in Govt. Service till it is revised (8) Govt. Pension on IDA scale ensured. (9) Govt. Pension on IDA scale ensured. (10) Anomalies / Aberrations will be considered and settled.

Transparency and Consultations

7. CHQ was in constant touch with office – bearers and Circle Secretaries and conveyed each and every development through Journals, Circulars, telephone calls, e-mails and fax. CHQ was working almost 24 hours during the crucial days. Central office-bearers meeting held at New Delhi discussed the issues threadbare and gave valuable suggestions and correct direction. CHQ also consulted and got guidance from many trade union leaders.

Unique Agreement

8. The wage agreement signed in BSNL was unique and historic. Com. V.A.N Namboodiri, GS BSNLEU, while signing the agreement as first signatory pointed out the significance of the agreement!

(1) BSNL is the biggest PSU with more than 3 lakh non-executive and this is its first wage agreement.
(2) Instead of the recognised union, the Joint Committee of all unions conducted the negotiations.
(3) This is a midterm settlement. Next Wage revision will be on 1-1-2007.
(4) Negotiations were concluded within a short time.

Pivotal Role of BSNLEU

9. The Pivotal role played by our, whether in preparing the notes as well as in discussion was well appreciated not only by our members but by members of other unions as well. We collected and studied many of the wage agreement in other similar PSUs and prepared an introductory note on wage negotiation as also draft charter of demands as required by Joint Committee. General Secretary, Com. Namboodiri, participated in all meetings of Joint Committee (presided twice) and meetings with management / core committee and made valuable contributions in taking correct decisions. Other office bearers, Coms. J.N. Mishra, Pabitra Chakraborthy, R.L. Moudgil, P.S. Ramankutty, P. Abhimanyu, S. Killivallavan, E.Gopal and D. Gopalakrishnan who were present at Delhi during the talks also made rich contributions. We also appreciate the efforts of other organisations.

Delay in Implementation

10. The BSNL full Board approved the agreement within a few days. But DoT, whose approval was also required because of Govt. Pension, delayed a decision seeking clarifications after clarifications from BSNL. DoT was taking it’s own time. As such protest action became inevitable. However, except NUBSNLW and BSNLWRU others were not prepared. We decided to observe a Protest day on 21-06-2002. Demonstrations were held at Branch level and the protest Telegrams was sent to DoT with copy to BSNL. The workers responded magnificently and about 2000 telegrams were received. It was a well planned protest action which was a wake-up call to BSNL / DoT.

11. In the meantime OPG started propagating that the delay is due to the increase in salary on which pension had to be given by DoT. He suggested that Joint Committee should agree to reduce the pay in order to get the Govt. Pension. We strongly opposed the proposals. Other unions also did not agree. But our protest action had results. In the meeting with BSNL Management held on 26-07-02, they informed that approval from DoT has been received.

Call for Strike

12. But at the same time, DoT wanted the perks decision to be delayed up to 2007. OPG was agreeable, but all the other unions opposed. Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU held at Aurangabad from 3rd to 5th August discussed the issue seriously. It was felt that the delay on the part of BSNL was unwarranted. The CEC, therefore, unanimously resolved to call for an indefinite strike w.e.f. 19-08-2002 and the notice was sent by fax from the venue itself on 5th itself.

Orders issued

13. The notice for strike had immediate effect. The orders on wage agreement was issued on 07-08-2002 itself. The orders were as on the basis of the agreement. The pay scales effective w.e.f 1-10-2000.

14. Thus the 1st Wage negotiation and settlement in BSNL was successful. A good amount of arrears and good increase in salary were received by all. However, a serious anomaly / aberration crept in whereby the seniors higher grades got less than their juniors creating much heart burning. The issue is taken by Joint Committee for early settlement.

Donation from Arrears

15. CHQ issued an appeal for donation @ Rs. 200/- from members which should equally be divided between Branch, District, Circle and CHQ. But it is sad to point out that except a few circles, others did not take work seriously. The donation received do not reflect either our membership or our strength all over India.

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