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(The Recognised Union in BSNL)
(Regd under ITU Act 1926,Regn No 4896)
CHQ : Dada Ghosh Bhawan ,1 Patel Nagar Road,New Delhi-110008
 Phone:25705385,25894100 Fax:25894862

BSNLEU CHQ NEWDELHI, 01st December,2009 [15:45 Hrs]

Our Office-bearers

Com. J.N. Mishra

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri

Com. P. Abhimanyu

Com. S.C. Bhattacharya



Ref. No. Subject
  [25.08.2011] AIBDPA Circular No.07 dated 24.08.2011 <<click here>>  <<CEC photos>>
  [25.07.2011] 3rd CEC meeting of AIBDPA at Kolkata Reception Committee formed <<click here>>
  [21.07.2011] Notification for holding Central Executive Committee meeting of All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association <<click here>>
  [21.07.2011] AIBDPA circular no.6 dated 20.07.2011 <<click here>>
  [12.02.2011] AIBDPA circular - PENSION REVISION - A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT <<click here>>
  [27.11.2010] AIBDPA press release dated 26.11.2010<<click here>>
  [09.09.2010] AIBDPA Karnataka Conference <<click here>>
    AIBDPA & BSNL C&CWF convention of Himachal Pradesh <<click here>>
  press statement  dated 26.08.2010 7th September strike - AIBDPA extends full support and co-operation <<click here>>
  Circular No.2/2010 dated 10.06.2010 AIBDPA Circular<<click here>>
  AIBDPA/GL-BSNL dated 09.06.2010  AIBDPA writes to Secretary, DOT <<click here>>
  AIBDPA/GL-BSNL dated 09.06.2010  AIBDPA writes to CMD, BSNL<<click here>>
  press statement  dated 20.04.2010 AIBDPA extend full support and help for the successful conduct of the strike <<click here>>
  Registration No. S/68836/2010 dated 12.03.2010

AIBDPA GOT REGISTRATION ! :- All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners' Association has got Registration from the Registrar of Societies, Govt. of Delhi. Registration No. S/68836/2010 dated 12.03.2010. <<click here for copy of the Certificate of Registration>>

  06.04.2010  AIBDPA Application for Membership <<click here>>
  Circular No.1/2010 dated 18.03.2010 CONTINUOUS STRUGGLE TO SAVE BSNL - AIBDPA Circular No.01 <<click here>>
  AIBDPA/GL dated 28.11.2009  Pensioners problems taken up with DOT and CMD BSNL by AIBDPA<<click here>>
  Circular No.3/2009 dated 15.12.2009 AIBDPA Circular No.3 <<click here>>
  AIBDPA/GL dated 17.11.2009 

All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners' Association (AIBDPA) - A letter to Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT <<click here>>

  AIBDPA/GL dated 17.11.2009  All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners' Association (AIBDPA) - Circular No.1 <<click here>>

Circular No.1/2009 dated 22.10.2009

ALL INDIA BSNL-DOT PENSIONERS’ ASSOCIATION FORMED.<<click here>> <<convention photos>>
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